external Scarcity in the Domain Name Biz, or Why “Flickr” Isn’t “Flicker” —WSJ

Ever wonder why Flickr is missing that “e”? The reason is domain name scarcity:

With about 252 million domain names currently registered across the Internet, the short, recognizable dot-com Web addresses, or URLs, have long been taken. [...] In 2004, Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield set out to name their fledgling photo-sharing site. They wanted to call it Flicker, but was taken, and the domain owner was unwilling to sell. So Ms. Fake suggested they instead call the company Flickr. Nine years later, the site boasts more than eight billion photos.

Flickr did in fact acquire the domain name after making it big. It’d be interesting to know how much the previous owner was paid.

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