external An Unofficial Online Nikon Picture Control Viewer —


Developer Dmitrij Sosnovsenko is trying to build an online Nikon Picture Control viewer. The current version has limited functionality: picture control selection, curve/histogram views, and previews. Sosnovsenko is hoping to eventually turn the system into a full fledged online photo editor Nikon picture control (picture styles) editor.

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  • Pablo

    Any idea where i can download all these picture controls? and will they work with all nikons?


  • biodiscus

    I add soon the button download. It will be work with camers from D5100 and above.

  • biodiscus

    @petapixel, You has wrong meaning reposted :-)
    It will be not full photo editor, it will be full nikon picture control (picture styles) editor. Plz, edit you post, tnx!

  • Michael Zhang

    edited! :)