DPReview is Hoping to Convert Its Review Prowess Into Sales with GearShop


After a couple of months in beta, the photography review site DPReview is finally announcing the official launch of an online store that bears the website’s stamp of approval. Named GearShop, it’s a specialty camera store that will stock its shelves with only DPReview recommended and approved products.

It’s an interesting concept that DPReview believes will make for a more helpful online camera shopping experience. Fourteen years of experience reviewing products and establishing themselves as an unbiased source of information will translate into a store that only carries the best.

Although DPReview’s staff will remain entirely independent of the team running GearShop, the DPReview editorial staff will get the final say on every single product approval.


“GearShop is a unique photo specialty store that utilizes DPReview’s comprehensive testing and research to select and recommend cameras, lenses and accessories,” explains the announcement. “Designed for photographers, by photographers … The store is run by a small team of photo enthusiasts dedicated to finding the very best products and to ensuring that product pages have the most comprehensive information anywhere on the web.”

The question that DPReview readers will probably now ask, and one the editors made sure to answer in the announcement, is how this will affect DPReview itself. Will the site’s involvement in an online store have an impact on what products they recommend? The answer, thankfully, is a hard “no.”

“The existence of a DPReview branded store and our involvement in the product selection process does not in any way affect the tenets and principles that guide our work on our site,” assure the editors. “We are and will remain 100% independent.”


Obviously, GearShop has a lot of competition from big names that have established themselves as retail giants. But a store stocked with the best products, and whose descriptions “will not shy away from telling you about a product’s weaknesses as well as its strengths,” might be a welcome addition.

Currently, GearShop only serves the US (with plans to expand), but regardless of where you live, you can check out the online store for yourself by clicking here. For those who do happen to live in the US, buyers can take advantage of free 2-day shipping and, for a limited time, get up to $150 in free accessories when they purchase a qualifying camera.

  • Am Azon

    DP Review is owned by (at least according to this: ) so this sort of makes sense.

  • fdssdfs

    DPreview now has a gear shop.. and guess what…. they are deleting messages like mad if you dare to say something about INDEPENDEND REVIEWS.

    i was even banned for voicing my concernes.
    they do the silencing in a very nasty way it seems.
    logged in i see my own postings but when i log out.. i noticed that other people can not see my postings. and i shall trust such a website?

  • Scott Everett

    We try to be moderate with moderation, but with a site as large as ours, and with a team of volunteer moderators, it can be tough to have an approach that works for everyone. However, as a rule, we definitely try to leave comments that are critical in a civil manner. If yours was such a comment and was still deleted, all I can say is we’re sorry about that and will continue to try and strike that illusive balance. Drop me an email with more detail and I’d be happy to investigate.

  • Banan Tarr

    Welp. Guess it’s back to Ken Rockwell for reviews.

    (edit: I am only half joking)

  • gochugogi

    If you visit they list DPreview at the bottom of their page with the many other Amazon spinoffs and buyouts. I bought a Canon LP-E6 battery at DPreview for $47 during their accessory sale last month.

  • Zos Xavius

    He’s so good he doesn’t even need to use the gear to be able to review it!

  • Zos Xavius

    I can’t wait for all the endless comments about their rating system and gold awards now!! People get so bent out of shape over the stupidest things.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    This is great since Dpreview forums are filled with folks who obsess over every minor technical detail of cameras but can’t actually shoot photos…

  • Mantis

    So just like PetaPixel than?

  • Ken Elliott

    > ” Fourteen years of experience reviewing products and establishing themselves as an UNBIASED source of information will translate into a store that only carries the best.”

    Translation: We added Bias.