Photo Booth Prank Results in Portraits of Sheer Terror

They say you shouldn’t laugh at one’s misfortune, but a prank pulled off by BlackBoxTV shows just how silly we look when we’re terrified — and it’s pretty funny. That’s because these mean geniuses pulled off a prank that absolutely terrifies some innocent folks just trying to get their picture snapped by a photo booth.

Booth Photo Prank 1

The victims step into the booth, close the curtain, and begin the process of getting their portraits taken. Simultaneously, two frightening masked men approach the booth from either side and scare the booth’s occupants just as their pictures are being snapped. The result? Probably a change of pants. Oh, and hilarious pictures.

Booth Photo Prank 2

Booth Photo Prank 3

Booth Photo Prank 4

The pranksters even go so far as to block the occupants from escaping with a chain link fence — making sure the booth captures more than moment of absolute fear.

While the prank is designed to make us laugh, it’s certainly a crazy way of showing a human being’s facial reactions to something unusual and frightening. We can’t help but to chuckle, though, even if it makes us feel like terrible people.

Booth Photo Prank 5

The act of scaring people silly and capturing the look on their faces is nothing new. Just take a look at the people from a Niagara Falls haunted house. Beautiful.

(via Imaging Resource)

  • Caca Milis

    Cruel but funny, I wonder if they paid to have their actual shots taken since they did scare the sh**e out of them.

  • russianbox

    Too bad all these vids are fake, they are just trying to get views :/

  • Alan Sailer

    BlackBoxTV are bleeding edge s**theads, fake or not.

  • Kevin L

    Not funny at all. Just downright mean.

  • harumph

    That’s just horrible and not funny at all. Seriously, these people just look traumatized. Where’s the “joke”?

  • Alex

    Lame. What if the person had some health issues? Or if the woman was pregnant? I’d beat the absolute $hit out of them for trying to have “fun” at my expense. Dumbest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Joe Blow

    Why is this on Petapixel? This story is not up to your standards.

  • Michael Palmer

    I wonder if BlackBoxTV will be paying the therapy bills that last guy is gonna need!?

  • Derrick Johnson

    Great Idea! yet Horrible images, when even bother? smh (everyone is a photographer)

  • Marty

    Nope. Just mean. Not even a little funny. Not even good images. Why did PetaPixel post this? Just because there is a camera involved? Being an editor or an aggregater requires some judgement.

  • ianmcc

    Petapixel FAIL.

  • Obvious

    Not very many comments on this post. I wonder what would have happened if they did this to a guy named Zimmerman. In Florida. Not very smart, at all.

  • J

    Not new and not funny.