DSLR Giveaway: Win Your Choice of a Canon 6D or a Nikon D600!

Update: This giveaway is now over. The winner was randomly selected and announced at the end of this post.


Time for a new giveaway, and this one is a doozie: for the first time in the history of this site, we’re giving away a free DSLR. Not just any ol’ DSLR, mind you, but a full frame camera. One lucky winner will be able to choose between a free Canon 6D or a free Nikon D600 — a $2,000 value!

Entering Takes Only a Few Seconds

Entering this giveaway is extremely simple. All you need to do is be a fan of our page on Facebook and enter with your email address. That’s it! We need your email so we can contact you if you win — it will not be used for anything after the giveaway.

Here’s the form (you can also enter directly on the giveaway page):

Want a Better Shot at Winning?

If you want extra entries in this giveaway, simply share the special link you’re shown after you enter. Every time someone clicks you link and enters, you’ll be given 1 additional entry!

Some Additional Details

This contest will end at midnight this Sunday, July 21st, 2013. A winner will be selected at random from all the entries received.

This giveaway is open to everyone — the camera can be shipped abroad if you’re an international reader outside the United States!

Good luck, and thanks so much for reading PetaPixel!

Update: Some readers have expressed concern over the fact that the giveaway app asks for permission to access your Facebook friends lists. This permission simply allows the app to share the fact that you entered the giveaway as a Facebook status. At no point will information about your friends (or ANY of your personal information for that matter) be collected by us. Thanks for the feedback!

Update on July 22nd, 2013: This giveaway is now over. We received a total of 28,380 entries. The randomly selected winner is…

Elena Shiampetta

Congratulations! Please email [email protected] to claim your prize (we’re contacting you as well).

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please stay tuned for more awesome giveaways! We’re planning on giving away more DSLR cameras in the very near future.

  • Daniel Lowe

    What, no bonus for sharing on Twitter? Let’s be honest, we all hate Facebook and its crappy privacy policies and the way that Zuckerberg operates his company.

    Why the positive bias towards Facebook here?

  • jan

    I’m still on a 9 year old Nikon D70 and the shutter probably will stop one day soon. I could really do with some full frame in my life!

  • Pete


    Really, it’s NOT “open to everyone” it’s “open to everyone on Facebook”. If you could open it to everyone and allow those of us that chose not to be on Facebook that would be great.



  • JKDjEdi

    Cool site! Amazing stories and this GIVEAWAY! #LuvPhotography

  • Hannah

    So you neglected to tell us in the body of the post that it’d post a Facebook status update? Sucky.

  • Michael

    why keep that much personal information on the internet if you don’t want people to access it? and for that matter why use Facebook to store that personal information, you really think none of your information has been sold off to companies and advertisement agencies? Just sayin, it’s kinda stupid to pass up a 2,000 give a way because you don’t know how to use the interwebs properly.

  • Darian Smith

    I just entered, it would be great to upgrade from my D5000

  • MikeAlgar42

    And if you’re putting it all on Facebook in the first place it doesn’t mean you care (not you personally) about personal information protection all that much!

  • LikeHellFacebook

    I must log in to facebook to enter? Why can’t I just give you my email address? Lame. Oh well, I don’t really need the camera anyway…

  • BullChit

    What smart way to mine people’s data. Hey, enter a sweepestakes! Don’t mind us as we access your facebook information and store it away so that we can sell it to advertisers later without your knowledge!

  • Serg Ospishev

    Good luck to everyone!Thanks for the contest

  • Aliki Lianou


  • Aliki Lianou


  • Matthew

    I’m disappointed that yet again we’ve got another Facebook exclusive sweepstakes. I have no had an account for over 2 years, and for good reason. Please open this and future sweepstakes up to anyone with an email address. This is unreasonable.

  • Matthew

    I agree, though it might actually be Woobox’s fault for proliferating this kind of thing to companies hungry for social media buzz. If you just comment or leave an email address, there is little personal information for them to sell or buzz to benefit from.

  • Matthew

    Clearly you’re delusional if you’re okay with your personal information being sold. I’m not a member of Facebook and I won’t give away my info just for a shot at something free. (hint: it’s never really free… your personal info and influence is the product being sold)

  • Wendy Lindsey

    Thanks so much for such an amazing giveaway! :D

  • Sacerdokreba

    what do you have to hide? what’s the problem of giving access to your friend list of information you have put on facebook? if your personal information is worth so much protection then you must be someone important like a businessman or a government official. Unless you are a VIP, your personal information is not worth protecting.

  • Ernst Palio

    I wonder what PetaPixel and Woobox win by knowing the emails and giving the Woobox app access to friend lists. Apparently the information worths at least as much as giving a free camera. If my personal information is worth so much, then why give it for free and not profit from it myself? But I don’t know how my email address and facebook friend list could be worth anything, so where can I learn how Woobox profits from this giveaway? I want to do the same lol :)

  • preposition

    what’s so personal in an email address and friend list? Unless you are a businessman or government official, your personal info doesn’t worth anything, so no need to protect it. You don’t have anything to hide, do you?

  • Sverdana Elaborata

    An email address and facebook profile information or friend list has no value and is not worth protecting… I’d gladly give anyone access to my home and my hard disk contents if I had just a 1% chance of winning a full-frame DSLR. I don’t have anything to hide so why should I feel protective for my personal info?

  • slashdotter

    just do what I just did: create a new fake empty facebook profile and a new email address. I’ve more than 200 facebook profiles and email addresses just for protecting my privacy, they work great. I also divide my facebook friends in many facebook profiles.

  • GIGO

    I didn’t know one could make money selling email addresses or facebook friend lists, how can I do that? Can I profit form my own personal information? I’ll gladly sell my facebook friend list or other profile data, or even my hard disk contents or my telephone records but I don’t know who is interested in such garbage.

  • Sofia Butsifera

    what’s so bad about my personal info being sold? apparently if it’s sold there is someone who pays for it, so they need it, therefore my personal info is of interest to them. but it doesn’t cause any problem to me if someone buys my personal info so why should I protect it if I don’t get injured by the sale?

  • fake

    just create a fake facebook profile to enter, I just did that, with a fake email address.

  • nathanleebush

    Does this include existing fans? I want to know if I’m competing against a few hundred new fans or 137k existing, which would shift the odds substantially.

  • Michael Zhang

    It’s anyone who enters by entering their email address into the giveaway’s form, regardless of whether they’re a new fan or an existing one :)

  • Crystal G

    Just to change a bit from all the negative comments I’ve read on this post…I’m really happy that this giveaway is open to everyone and not just US residents! I’m an expat in France, and am usually not “allowed” to enter giveaways because I don’t live in the US or have an American mailing address. So, thanks for this opportunity to participate!

  • Laqos

    You have a lot of free time in your hands, don’t you?

  • Laqos

    I will disagree. IMHO there is nothing being sold, like in your wild dreams and fantasies, this is just to spread the word about PetaPixel, to acquire more readers, and not to make any kind of shady business with Facebook profiles of fellow readers.

  • Avneet Kaur

    i really want to win this, because i really need it, pleasse everyone like and share my post realted to this canon 6d to make me a winner

  • Dario Toledo

    Crossing fingers.

  • Matias Gonua

    Are you…Big Brother?
    ANything to hide? Have you heard about privacy? Not everything needs to be revealed to everybody.

  • Matias Gonua

    Sacerdokreba, preposition and now Sverdana Elaborata.

  • Lars

    i don’t have a facebook

  • Niu

    That’s why I keep different email addresses for different things – I can keep track of if some app / site / company is leaking my information without my permission. It’s then simple to make abuse reports to right places and terminate that address.

  • MikeAlgar42

    Oddly enough, in the 3 years I have frequented this site, I have never owned a DSLR.

  • Linda Meranda

    Thank you for the chance. i’m an amatuar and the Canon I have, hubby bought in 1991, time for an upgrade

  • 00Delta

    When an app requests to see your friends list, it’s to measure how much (potential) reach the contest will have. If 3 people enter the contest, each with around 120 friends, then potentially, and ideally, 363 people have seen the contest. This is how you can gauge the ROI of a social media campaign, specifically by how many people view the Petapixel facebook page and the Petapixel website. Woobox’s only profit from this kind of setup is the money Petapixel is paying them to arrange the contest and deliver stats about their social media presence.

    As for the “worth” of the information. $2000 would be the “worth” of the information of ALL of the contestants. Not just one. This post has about 2k facebook likes so we’ll assume that about 2000 contestants. Or $1’s worth of info per person.

    Hope that helps.

  • duh!

    was excited to enter, then read “wants to post to your friends on your behalf.” You guys just rolled back the clock 6 years

  • guest unknown

    You may not see much value in your email address or your hard drive content.
    I would guarantee you if I dove into your search history and content, eventually I would find something that you may not want to be revealed. That is what would be available from your, not hiding anything hard drive.

    I use Facebook as a means to advertise and keep in touch with my clients and future clients. I am cautious of what I put out there on Facebook as I know that once I do, I really have little control over it.

    With that said, the real reason I do not like the Woobox giveaway deal is not that I have anything really to hide from my company Facebook page, I just do not want a 3rd party company bothering or potentially bothering people of “like” my page.
    You don’t have to be friends or to “like” a page to see who else does, there lies the real danger in this type of requirement in these give-aways.
    So if I have 200 likes on a Facebook page, I don’t want someone I don’t know bothering or soliciting those 200 people because I wanted a chance to “win” a new camera.

    Get it?