external Rumor: Fujifilm Still Has a Cheaper X-Series Mirrorless on the Way —Fuji Rumors

fujifilmxa1Fujifilm dropped the price point of its X-Series mirrorless cameras last month by announcing the $700 X-M1. Turns out there may be an even cheaper camera in the pipeline.

The latest word in the rumor mill is that there will be a true “entry-level” X-Series mirrorless announced soon. It will be called the X-A1, and will contain an APS-C sensor that doesn’t feature Fuji’s acclaimed X-Trans technology. The camera could arrive as early as August 2013.

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  • R O

    Not sure what the point is. The X system lenses are mostly high-grade stuff with most selling at a minimum of $500. Fuji’s lens roadmap shows they’ll continue to this trend with fast portrait, fast wide and ultra wide angle zoom lenses to come. Why would anyone plunk down a couple grand on a lens system only to skimp on the body to save a few hundred dollars? The enthusiast orientated X-E1 is only $800 as it is.