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Photographer Richard Mosse on using the Cold War-era satellite film, Aerochrome, for his infrared photography project in the Congo:

[...] this film is critically heat sensitive, lasting a mere seven days at room temperature before expiration. It must be kept in a freezer. I lug around those big ugly beer coolers that plug into cigarette lighters in a car, or can be plugged into a wall socket. Hunting for working freezers in a sub-Saharan war zone has been my task of Sisyphus for the last three years, and I’m looking forward to the day (coming soon) when I run out of this pesky film forever, and no longer need to worry about keeping the film cold. It has been like carrying around one of those Tamagochi toys which you have to keep alive like a feeble baby.

We’ve previously featured his photos and his documentary.

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