external Three New Flavors Now Available for Olympus Body Cap Lens —Olympus


Olympus’ quirky body cap lens is now available in three new colors: white, silver, and red. It’s a stylish way for photographers to keep their camera always at the ready just in case some photo op turns up. The concept is also spreading: Pentax announced a body cap lens of its own back in January.

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  • ksporry

    bodycap lens, definitely cool, E-PL6? WHat’s up with that? Did they change the number and charge you for it? Looking at the description, all those enhancements of the EPL6 compared to the EPL5, my EPL5 also has, so I guess the enhancement is that you pay more for them now… I’m not sure it has wifi or not. If not, then there is no improvement. If there is, I still am not sure there is improvement compared to teh use of a wifi SD card like they gave away with the EPL5s…