external “Latino Becomes First Photographer To Win National Humanities Medal” —ABC News

latinoPhotographer Camilo José Vergara has become the first photographer to win a National Humanities Medal, receiving the award from President Obama at the White House yesterday.

Vergara has spent decades traveling around to some of the country’s most run down places in order to record crumbling buildings, devastated communities, and deeply entrenched poverty.

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  • Lee

    Why do I care what his ethnicity is? What value does it add to the article?

  • Michael Zhang

    It’s the title bar title given by ABC News, not something we came up with :)

  • Lee

    No, I understand that, just a question in general.

  • harumph

    ABC changed their headline. They replaced Latino with his name. The article still stretches to imply that it was some sort of affirmative action pick, but that’s ABC News for you. They’re always looking to spin any story about an immigrant–even success stories–into something negative.