Musician Takes on the Dreaded Vertical Video Syndrome in Song

“Please film in landscape mode, turn your phone please turn your phone…” sings musician Jonathan Mann in his most recent video extolling the virtues of shooting videos in landscape. It’s a humorous short PSA music video in which Mann takes on the dreaded problem of Vertical Video Syndrome (or VVS) by taking to the streets.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried correcting a problem that is as comical as it is frustrating. As YouTube’s Glove and Boots pointed out a little over a year ago: you can turn a photo vertically, you can’t turn your monitor. Their suggestion was to admonish everyone you ran into shooting vertical video with a stern “You’re not shooting that right dummy!”


Mann takes a kinder approach, and simply corrects the people he runs into, all the while singing about it (which, lets face it, helps get the message across). Fair warning, there is one suggestive lyric in the video, but otherwise it’s clean.

Click play at the top to see the full song and, if you happen to know someone who recently (or not so recently) came down with a case of VVS, pass it along as a gentle reminder that monitors, TVs and movie theatre screens are all, in fact, oriented horizontally.

(via Laughing Squid)

P.S. For another musical attack on VVS, check out blogger Franchesca Leigh Ramsey‘s similar video she put out a few weeks ago:

  • Matthew Neumann

    I appreciate his efforts, but i’d appreciate it even more if he wasn’t in short shorts.

  • Michael Zinfandel Rork

    No. I like my vertical video. Ya know why? Because I watch said video on my phone. My wife watches the videos on her phone. It fits our screens. I don’t really care if it doesn’t fit your computer screen.

  • Vin Weathermon

    This video is not for you then I guess ;-)

  • Vin Weathermon

    Hate vertical videos…yes, his shorts are over the top, but his buttering toast WAS funny…

  • SJ Fotography

    it would be better if the phone stopped the user from taking video if it is vertical!!

  • WetcoastBob

    It is called Portrait Mode! A legitimate format.

  • Mak Wa

    It’ll fit your screen too, just turn your phone sideways.

  • Mak Wa

    For photos it is.

  • Sander van der Veen

    Maybe they are all filming instagram shorts… doesn’t bother if it’s vertical then! :)

  • Robert Mark

    I’ll wait to agree with you until I see a movie released in Portrait Mode.

  • J

    It’s funny but how come manufacturers have not yet found a way to record video in every way possible? If I can rotate my pictures, why can’t I do the same with videos? Am I missing something here?