external Are Storm Clouds on the Horizon for Photo Website Service liveBooks? —Vincent Laforet

Photographer Vincent Laforet says that things appear to be pretty dire over at liveBooks, one of the leading hosting services for photographer portfolio sites:

[...] the news I’m hearing from enough knowledgeable sources in the business is that they are without CEO, and that there is no longer any staff in the USA – only a few staffers left overseas. The CEO Andy Patrick took LiveBooks off of his LinkedIn Page and then put it back… none of the former employees I know have LiveBooks listed on their LinkedIn Profiles anymore… No one has heard a single word, response or pretty much anything for more than a month now. It would appear that the entire US part of the business is shut down.

Laforet recommends taking “some defensive measure in case anything drastic were to happen – such as the servers shutting down with little notice.”

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  • Alex Minkin

    Livebooks was massively overpriced for everyone besides the likes of Laforet. They tried sinking their claws into me when I finished school, only for me to be hit with a $3000 estimate to accomplish what I ended up doing on my own for a tenth of the price.

  • Greg

    Wow, good call. I just got an e-mail from Livebooks a few minutes ago saying that they were purchased by WeddingWire.