external “In Flight, John White Shares His Light” —NYTimes Lens Blog

johnwhiteNew York Times staff photographer Michelle Agins on Putlizer Prize-winning photojournalist John White, who was recently laid off by the Chicago Sun-Times:

“You’ve probably figured out by now that John thought about bigger things. He was a religious man, born on a Sunday into a family of preachers in North Carolina. When he tells one and all to ‘keep in flight,’ it’s as much spiritual advice as it is professional. He takes that advice himself, even after the slight of seeing one of his pictures published in his old paper with only ‘Sun-Times Library’ as the credit line.

‘I can’t get caught up in those things,’ he said. ‘You got to look at the big picture, because I know the true photo editor.’”

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  • markelliot2002

    “…because I know the true photo editor.” well said…keep the faith…