Justin Bieber Takes Photog’s Camera and Memory Card — Subsequently Gets Sued

Justin Bieber Calouro

In a surprising, yet not so surprising bit of news, pop teen sensation Justin Bieber and one of his bodyguards have been sued by a photographer following a brouhaha that took place outside “The Hit Factory” in Miami last week.

It was about 4AM when Bieber and his protectors allegedly snatched Jeffrey Binion’s camera. A recording of the incident was made available to Gossip site TMZ, in which you can hear Bieber order his guards to “grab that camera!”

Binion can be heard pleading for the Biebs and his guardian angels to not destroy his camera, and the pop star complies. Though, he refuses to give Binion his “SIM card” back (wait, what? SIM card?!).

Binion has filed a lawsuit against Justin Bieber and his bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, claiming he was attacked (and even had a gun pulled on him), and that Bieber had masterminded the assault.

“Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one. He needs to learn that he cannot use bodyguards as weapons to harm innocent people. Bieber’s violent behavior toward photographers must end, and he should take responsibility for his actions,” said Binion’s lawyer, Russell S. Adler.

Unfortunately for Bieber, it’s 2013 – everyone’s listening and watching (insert NSA joke here).

This isn’t the first time Bieber has flipped his lid on photographers. There were several other incidents that allegedly took place in Miami last week relating to photographers, and Bieber’s guards are claimed to have roughed up another photog in Hollywood this weekend, according to TMZ.

It’ll be interesting to see where this case goes, and whether the Biebs gets his wrist slapped for snatching the card.

(via TMZ and NY Daily News)

Image credit: Photograph by Eric Calouro

  • chubbs

    Someone should sue him for that haircut… and just for existing actually…

  • Charles Bronson

    Why don’t you stop trying to get quick money by being a paparazzi…you know if you weren’t there taking photos of the knobhead you wouldn’t have been “attacked” Go take a lovely sunrise around that time and don’t waste any ‘sim card’ memory on this prick…

  • I<3BeingCanadian

    Can we remove his Canadian Citizenship? I don’t want him representing our country….

  • Persio

    As for the photos on the card, people really need to start using EyeFi and beaming those pictures on-the-fly so this would not happen. Not that I really want to see any Biebs photo, but anyway…

  • Phil Hearing

    heres the answer stop taking pictures of him and then he will beg for the attention

  • Espen Johansen

    “Justin Bieber is now an adult, and he should act like one.” Says the papparazi making a living out of harassing celebrities…There should be a lott MORE actions against pappatzis, not less!!

  • timo musgrove

    wait the chicago times has found new iphotogs already? otherwise its a memory card even my 10 year old sister and 4 year old brother know that.

  • JeffinEastYork

    What is your definition of “innocent” when it comes to paparazzi. They’re bottom-feeding scum. They have no pity for those they stalk. Now we hear this photographer begging for his camera, and we’re supposed to sympathize with him. Yeah. Right.

  • Rowe Lee

    If he ain’t with his goons he won’t be so tough to do crap like that. Celebs get harrassed because they’re public figures. Photos/videos/everything from them make money. If they really want a normal and quiet life they shouldn’t be celebrities. The papparazzi will always be a part of being a celebrity.

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    Paparazzi work makes money. In America, photographers are allowed to photograph anyone they want in public settings. Never, under any circumstances, is anyone allowed to forcefully take anything from anyone, ever. Not a camera, not an SD card, not a roll of film, not a waffle iron, not any item, ever. Doing so is called theft, and in this case, it’s probably even mugging.

    If you don’t want to be photographed, don’t venture into public places. We live in a society where literally every time we go out in public, we are being filmed, and photographed. Is it unacceptable simply because it was a human controlling and operating the camera, not a security guard operating a camera from a distance?
    In no way am I advocating that Justin Bieber, let alone anyone doesn’t deserve at least some privacy. The fact of the matter is that in public, you don’t have an entitlement of privacy. There are constitutional laws protecting photographers to do so. On may go on to say that the NSA, the government, Verizon, etc. have stripped us from these constitutional rights, but on paper, and in legality, these rights still exist.
    I hope the photographer receives justice. Furthermore, I hope that Justin Bieber, and his security receive an appropriate punishment for their theft. No one should be above the law. Not a celebrity, not the Government, not anyone.

  • fotogal

    If you want to be a star you got to expect photographers everywhere. If you don’t want the attention, you want your privacy, etc., get out of show business.

  • Espen Johansen

    I’m pretty sure he wanted to be a artist (never thought I would call mr. Beaver that), not a source of income for pathetic lowlife “photogaphers”. Photos from them doesn’t make much for mr. beaver in the long run!

  • nullhogarth

    For this creep, “stardom” is about being able to push people around.

  • Espen Johansen

    You might be right in what you are saying, and the law is making this kind of behavour illegal in the US, (I’m not from the US so I don’t know much about your laws), but for me that just sounds like there’s a glitch somwhere. The papparatzis are obviously making a money out of harrassing people, there’s no denying, and I just question the balance between the right to take photos of whatever you want, and the right to not be harrassed.

  • mthouston

    In the USA…You have no reasonable expectation of privacy when in a public space. As long as a photographer is working from a public space, you can pretty much take photos of what every you want.

  • Mike

    How about removing those who give him a “celeb” status by worshiping every molecule of CO2 that comes out of him?
    Remove a tumor’s blood supply=no more tumor.

  • A.J.

    Most celebrities actually love the paparazzi. It’s why they wanted to be famous to begin with, and theyhey get worried when they stop trying to get their photo.

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    And Justin Bieber makes money off of noise pollution. What you said is completely subjective and uninformed. Standing 100 feet (30 or so meters) away from a person and photographing them is in no way harassment.

    Seeing that I was not present, I can’t comment on the situation and what happened. From what I have read, what I heard on the audio clip, and Bieber’s repeated history of assaulting paparazzi, my subjective opinion, is that he has in fact committed a crime.

  • Dave Robertson

    If given the choice of continuing to be a public figure (with all the attention, money and fame) and not being one, in lieu of not being photographed…..I met the little Vanilla Ice hair cut wearing kid would choose for the later. I agree that the paparazzi are a pain, I actually do not like it, nor like seeing them… but unlike other countries if you are in the public domain you can take pictures of what and whom you want. (This has been stated over and over again so sorry). With this said he (Bieber kid), his bodyguards or anyone else does not have the right to physically lay hands on anyone and “take/steal/confiscate” anything from an individual.

  • Doober

    This kid is spiraling right down into the sewer, already cocky, arrogant, and quickly developing a huge ego. Complete idiot. He’ll end up paying the photog for this stupid act. Of course, the Bieb’s couldn’t muscle a fuzzy off a dandelion let alone take a camera from someone, unless they were a whole lot smaller than he is. His henchman took care of that. You know, the one with no neck, and forehead. He’s just a pair of huge arm muscles attached to a pair of legs that responds to commands from persons with a lot of money. Sorry, just couldn’t help the rant.

  • Espen Johansen

    I never expected people to defend this people…how is that possible?? People stalking other people on foot, by car and stuff like that just to get a photo of their grocery-list or whatever…that’s harassment. I’m not exactly a fan of the “artist” in question here, but I find the people making a living out of intruding other peoples privacy a lot worse.

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    When was the last time you went to the grocery store, used public transportation, got in a taxi, crossed the street without being photographed? I clearly stated before, and will stand behind that statement “If you don’t want to be photographed, don’t venture into public places.”
    I never once called it art. I do not believe that paparazzi photographers are artists in their paparazzi work. There is a market for it, however. For some photographers, it sustains a way of life, and is used to support them until they can move into other, more artistic fields of photography. “If you don’t want to be photographed, don’t venture into public places.”
    If you are in a frame that I want, I will TAKE your picture. Photojournalism and documentary photography are very much so about taking moments out of time and putting them into a rectangular frame.
    Call it harassment if you want. I am sure that paparazzi photographers will call it “food on the table”.

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    Sorry dude, that’s a worldwide epidemic. We’d have to eradicate half of the worlds young girls in order to eliminate his blight on society.

  • Espen Johansen

    First of all, I live in a country in Europe, wich seems to be a free country compared to yours if you can’t cross the street or ride a taxi without having your photo taken. And I don’t buy the “it’s a way to make a living”-argument. So is drugdealing for some. It doesn’t make it right! And if someone is so crap at taking photos they have to start as a paparazzi, sorry, but they should re-evaluate their career-choice.

  • Espen Johansen

    I also see the difference between someone taking your picture for security reasons, and someone who is taking your picture for their own commercial reasons.

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    I used to live in Germany. I spent six of the best years of my life there. Europe is fantastic.
    Just because you don’t agree with the way a person makes a living doesn’t make you right. I respect your opinion, and I won’t call your opinions crap, but there is an extreme difference between the illegal, life destroying drug market, and the media. If you can’t see the difference, that isn’t my problem.
    Who is to say that your images and videos of you at the checkout line, or in the underwear isle as a consumer aren’t being used to better the stores which you shop at? Face it: there is no concept of privacy anymore. While you were looking into the next lens you were going to buy, Google was reading your cache and selling it to advertising agencies.

  • mthouston

    Just because you don’t see the cameras, does not mean your are not being watched.

  • Espen Johansen

    Well, some countries actually have laws that prohibits such things…but you’re right, you can never be sure,

  • Anonymous

    No discussion here Bieber Gay peroid end of story

  • Andrew W. Nunn

    If you’re going to be a homophobe, do so with your full name.

  • Jay m Gaila

    My name is Jay m gaila there happy btw Bieber still gay

  • Kyle Clements

    Paparazzi may be bottom feeding scum, but they still have the same right not to be physically assaulted or robbed that everybody else does.

    Your photos are your property; no one has any right to destroy your own personal property, nor can they force you to destroy your property yourself.

    They can ask you to leave, and on private property, taking more photos would be trespassing, but they still can’t destroy your photos, your gear, or steal from you.

  • inagasi

    because of him I am so embarassed to be a canadian… this big head will fall down hard one day…

  • ha


  • Andrew Iverson

    I keep seeing people calling paparazzi scum for what they do, but do you feel the same about “street photographers”? I’ve known a few who hate the paps with a passion but get in the faces of average people just going about their day and don’t see that as worse or even the same. Heck, i’ve gotten flack for shooting at a parade, and someone thought i was shooting towards their kids (who were just a blur as i was focused on the float).

  • Rob S

    Someone is about to get PAID!!

  • Felipe Garcia

    Here’s a better idea: All photogs should just plain ignore him, no photos, no chasing no nothing. It’s obvious that he’s got a huge ego and he is an attention whore.

    I do not defend the paparazzi, but this country does have freedom of the press, if you don’t like it, go to the DPRK. Thousands of soldiers have died since 1776 to give this country freedom of press, and this kid thinks he can just take it away because he likes to? I wish this had happened in Texas or Arizona, where if you are threatened you have the legal right to use lethal force to defend yourself, and if you point a gun at someone, that someone has the right to pull his out and turn you into gruyere.

    But spit vertically, and the spit will land back on you. This kid’s downfall will be his own arrogance.

  • sickntired

    its time to send this Canadian douche bag back to Canada,, revoke his visa now..

  • chphotovideo

    I hate the razzi!! BUT If you are being threatened you have a right to use lethal force. Now I pull a gun to protect myself from these security guards trying to jump me. Even if I drop 1 or 2 of them, you can guarantee I will be killed. The story will hit the headlines, crazed photographer pulls gun on celebrity, kills security guards before before they killed him.

    I find no possible way to defend myself without it looking (of being made to look like) a threat to whatever I was trying to photograph to start with.

  • Felipe Garcia

    As long as you’re not the only one there (eg. have friends, colleagues, etc who can defend your version of the story), but certainly is a risk. That said, he would probably rethink his antics after they kill people.

  • Felipe Garcia

    Write to your congressperson.

  • chphotovideo

    I like your style Felipe

  • chphotovideo

    hahaha funny person. Everyone knows American congress doesn’t give a crap about anything the people want.

  • Felipe Garcia

    Believe it or not, it could work.

  • Renato Murakami

    Ah, the hard choice of siding with the scum of photographer society and the scum of celebrities… Justin Bieber has no right to throw his bodyguards with guns against paparazzis, but one has to admit that the way paparazzis usually acts would turn any sane person into doing something like that.
    Shure, fame goes up the head powered by society own standards putting some people on top of fake marble pedestals, so some celebrities think they are above the law.
    But one has to ask if they were put in the place of some celebrities, with paparazzis following you everywhere, throwing cameras at your face all the time, while (sometimes) acting like jerks that have the right to stalk you every single minute of every single day you dare to put your face on public space, how would you react to it?

  • ru4real?

    you sir, are a straight up idiot!

  • BDWT

    Definitely two sides to all stories but this is one of those situations where at least one person (Bieber) is definitely in the wrong. Just because you don’t want your photo to be taken doesn’t give you the right to steal someone’s property (that being the photographer’s card), it’s just flat out theft.

  • ripley

    I find that people, where 90% of their photos are sunrises, tend to be the most boring people that I’ve met.

  • 9inchnail

    In every clear thinking society with a little common sense, the person on that photo would at least have the right to get a share of the profits. But we’re talking about America here.

  • 9inchnail

    If people started using EyeFi on a large scale, the NSA would grab those photos right away, too. You really want that?