News Website Erroneously Uses Photo of DigitalRev’s Kai to Illustrate Assault Story


Major news website made a pretty big mistake yesterday. At the top of an article titled “Bizarre: Man gropes woman’s thigh, then photographs her“, author Phil Hickey (or whomever was in charge) decided to use a photo of none other than DigitalRev TV’s Kai Wong.

DigitalRev caught wind of the story when several of their readers notified them of the article earlier today. Apparently, a man in Perth assaulted a woman in a parking lot and then proceeded to photograph her before running off.

To illustrate the story, the site obviously thought it was ok to grab any photo of someone holding a camera, but beyond the copyright infringement issues here, this could actually be considered defamation. Using an innocent (and somewhat famous) person’s photo to illustrate a sexual harassment story with no indication that it is just an illustration is a serious misstep.


For their part, DigitalRev responded in their trademark humorous style:

We at DigitalRev would like to state that Kai, despite his love for pinkenta, does not own a pink hooded jumper. Also Kai does not drive a Nissan Navara Utility, and we have strong reason to believe that he is in Europe around 1pm on Saturday. Should Mr. Hickey have difficulty with his GettyImages login, we would be happy to offer our free IT support.

They go on to say that the story is a serious one, and nobody is trying to make light of that. DigitalRev encourage its readers in Australia to contact Crime Stopper of Australia at 1-800-333-000 if you have any information regarding this bizarre assault.

It’s simply alarming that that a major news outlet would pick up a screenshot from a popular photography show to illustrate such a story — especially given what we know about how photos affect our perception of reality.

It’s not Kai. We promise. [DigitalRev]

  • Nate Parker

    that was just before he dropped that camera also-

  • Syuaip

    That Perth-man must have been an Asian….

    with glasses…

    and using Canon 5D Mark III…

  • gimmeabreak

    That’s a serious defamation lawsuit there.. I can imagine that Canon isn’t very happy either. Canon has the option of pulling all advertising from the parent company. That will get some attention.

  • ISO640

    I was thinking the same thing…not only do they have a possible defamation suit on their hands, plus copyright infringement but using the image of an Asian man with a camera smacks of racism too. I think they hit the trifecta on this one.

  • durghan

    A despite this news reaching PetaPixel, and who knows who else, the photo is still in use as of my writing this.

  • SYunghans

    Laziness in the newsroom.

  • David Holm

    This will happen more and more often as news organizations cut corners and fire their photographers.

  • Raymond Parker

    Yup, it’s still up there. Amazing stupidity.

  • iso9000

    The photo is still up on their website. I actually think Kai did it. He seems kinda funny like that. IMO. lol

  • hansmast

    Would you say the same if the photo had been of a white guy? Or are you inconsistent?

  • ISO640

    There isn’t a stereotype of white guys walking around with cameras all the time… at least not that I’m aware of, but by all means, correct me if I’m wrong.

  • hansmast

    I’m not aware of negative stereotypes about Asians and cameras (except in a harmless, sweet, smiling Japanese touristy way). But you weren’t talking about stereotypes, you were talking about racism. Why is it racism to show a photo of an Asian man “demo’ing” the crime but not racism to show a photo of a white man “demo’ing” the crime? I think a photo of someone demoing the crime is inappropriate to start with, no matter the race. But don’t turn this into racism unless you’re willing to be consistent. Most “racism” can be shown to be nonsense by applying the consistency test. Any racism that passes the consistency test I’m very concerned about and against.

  • Eugene Chok

    i thick all the boxes above except i am in Vancouver right now ! bullet dodged !

  • ISO640

    We’ll have to agree to disagree on what we consider harmless and racist. Most stereotypes are based on racism and if you look at most comedies in the US, maybe not so much today, but Asians are often portrayed as always having a camera around their neck, snapping away. That’s a big joke in some circles but I’d guess not so much to Asian’s who have no interest in photography or being portrayed as though they do.

  • CrackerJacker

    The racism wasn’t around the fact they chose an Asian to illustrate the story, it was the “Asian with a camera”.

    The story does not include info on race, so really any photo of a non-involved person would be making assumptions. That said, the attacker was around 6 feet tall. I think that lets Kai off, too.

  • Adam Cross


  • Jay


  • Gman

    They wouldn’t care at all, controversy about an image they use = more traffic to their website.

  • Ziz

    I like how everyone screams “racism” out of nowhere.

  • rdwrt

    They changed the image. It’s a now what seems to be an official picture of a Samsung Galaxy camera! Somebody better inform Samsung, I bet they won’t be happy.

  • Slade

    Most entertaining Kai has been in a while…

  • Lee Young

    they now changed into a picture of a samsung compact camera. Like seriously???

  • Marko Raos

    Lol, Kai does come off as a bit of a randy chav. He might take this as a kind of a compliment – the face of all gropey photogs everywhere!