external 3 Storm Chasers Among Those Killed by Oklahoma Tornado —CNN


Yesterday we wrote about how storm chasers are being criticized for getting too close to tornadoes in their pursuit of dramatic photos and videos. Today, CNN reported that three storm chasers were among those killed by the tornado that struck El Reno, Oklahoma on Friday:

[Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West] said. “A lot of these individuals have dedicated many years of their lives to going out and assisting and tracking storms, and getting footage and putting themselves in harm’s way so they can educate the public to the destructive power of these storms.”

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  • Stefan

    Very sad situation. The ones who are taking safety as priority number one are the first ones who got hit. This is a big loss for the science.

  • Ernest Nitka

    It’s actually amazing that this hasn’t happened before now. For years we’ve seen storm chasers on TV seemingly having problems actually getting close to a storm. I think this is a wake up call to others in the field that they are in fact engaged in a dangerous pursuit