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olympusYahoo! Finance has published a list of 10 brands it predicts will “disappear” in 2014. Among them: Olympus.

The Japanese camera company reportedly has a 7% share of the worldwide digital camera market, which is itself shrinking at a crazy rate. Other notable details: Olympus has been losing money from imaging for three years now, is forecasting a drop in camera sales from 5.1M to 2.7M this year, and does 35% of its camera sales in the SLR market.

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  • Tommy Sar

    What a bunch of Yahoos.

  • Rob S

    Sorry Oly fans but they are dead on. The medical imaging business is the only functional part of the business. Look at their flickr numbers – outside of the OM-D they dont have users. No one pays full price for any PEN model because they know a new one will be out in 6 months and the last one will go on clearance for half price. And now the announcement that they are going to provide lenses to Sony. How long before Sony collects on their investment by telling Oly to knife the M43 baby?

  • Froggy


  • gochugogi

    I paid full price for a Pen model a few years back and enjoyed it for a year before it dropped by $300. Probably wait on a future model for clearance. However with Pen produced offshore I suspect Oly makes money even when sold at deep discounts. Besides, Oly historically has always been a niche player in the market. You don’t have to be a massive company to succeed. They just need to get their house in order after a few years of bad management.

  • John

    Luckily they are aware of this and have decided to focus on the premium model market instead, so maybe if that works, olympus will become an even more refined smaller niche brand for premium digital imaging products instead…

  • molebomb

    The article is somewhat misleading. What is meant is that the named brands will disappear from the U.S. market, not the world market. Essentially, a dubious US centric piece from Yahoo.