Video: Photographers Attacked During Riots in Paris

A huge anti-gay-marriage protest in Paris turned violent yesterday, leading to hundreds of arrests and tens of injuries. Among those attacked by rioters were photojournalists documenting the scene. An attack on two photographers was captured in the video above. It’s interesting to see that although nearby photographers come to the aid of their colleague, they first stop to snap some photos of the scuffle prior to doing so.

(via Reddit)

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    They always stop to snap photos first and then help, if they ever help.

  • Melo

    You’re choosing to stand 10feet from a freaking anti-gay riot… what do you expect, milk and cookies? I wouldn’t stand anywhere near a pack of ignorant idiots like this with a camera. Ignorance and stupidity at its worst.

    The other photographers are not the police or security. They are photographers, there to shoot photos. If someone were being overwhelmed and outnumbered, yes; help, but the first photographer seemed to be holding his own.

    Adding people to a fight more often creates a brawl not a resolution.

  • oldtaku

    Photog’s job is to take pictures first. Everyone knew what they were getting into.

  • Trythe1


  • JM

    I know and work alongisde all these photographers and as weird as it may seem to some, it’s our job to take photos first; especlaly if you can’t (or aren’t trained) to help.

    Please refrain from making such daft comments when you clearly have no idea of what you’re talking about.

    And if you want to show off to the world that you’re such a stand up guy you could at least ask how the AFP photojournalist is doing… For your information he only has a few bruises and a black eye, it could’ve been much worse.

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    Haha, I really don’t know how is this related with what I say

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    Who are you? Please refrain of of being an arrogant twat.

  • Caca Milis

    The law is passed I don’t know why they bother, just the stupid extreme right activists, (one of them with a Norman flag disgracing my region), as for the photos, that protester was so crazy that if you tried to stop him, he would probably destroy your camera, next time try breaking up a fight with all your gear on you.

  • Eugene Chok

    your assumption of the kind of scum they would be attending an anti-gay rally mirror my own sentiments, in this situation there is no helping, a photographer on protester brawl would end badly because of the shear volume of protesters

  • Matt

    To be honest, I don’t see an issue with regards to how the fellow photographers reacted. In a situation like this it takes time to figure out what just happened and will it continue to happen. It is real easy to fantasize about would/could be the best thing to do, but this is reality.

    I kind of think the fellow photographers did the right thing, helped out as much as they could.

  • Brianna Leigh

    I doubt that photographer was strong and fast enough to save that man alone. What disturbs me the most about that picture is that there isn’t anyone else in it.