Fox Plunders a Dead Animal Carcass and Runs Off With the Camera Hidden Inside

Animals love cameras. It seems we can infer that much from videos and stories we’ve shared in the past. From Lions to Bears, it seems that animals are often as interesting in camera gear as they are in a free meal.

Another case in point is the video above. Shot for the Dutch TV series De Nieuwe Wildernis (The New Wilderness), the clip shows a curious fox making off with a GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition that was hidden inside a dead animal carcass.


The camera belongs to photographer Ignas van Schaick (although the fox might argue that point), and it was mounted in the animal carcass in the hopes that it would capture some great footage for the show. It looks like Schaick got more than he could have hoped for.

Once the fox makes off with the mount — immediately running away from the scene of the theft — it happens to drop the camera at the perfect angle. From that point on, we’re given a front row seat as the curious creature gnaws at the attached cables, eventually growing bored and walking away.

I suppose we’re fortunate the camera and memory card survived. However, after seeing one go through the mouth of a Grizzly and make it out alive, we’re not surprised.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Markus

    Yes, looks very much like the extremely flat picture of a GP3 Black. I usually turn up the contrast a lot during editing.

  • Bill

    Kind of an interesting short video, shows the curiosity of critters. I am curious of what that cord thingy is that the fox was gnawing on?

  • ~Heather

    Ha! I read the headline before seeing the picture and assumed Fox television had plundered the carcass.