GoPro Mounted on DSLR Shows What It’s Like to Photograph a Live Concert

Want to experience what it’s like to shoot a live concert? Montreal, Canada-based concert photographer Pierre Bourgault wants to show you. When he recently had the opportunity to photograph a performance by the band Dead To Me, Bourgault decided to strap a Gopro camera to the top of his DSLR. The video above is what resulted.

The video shows 7 minutes of the show. During this span, Bourgault snapped 54 different photographs. 45 of them show up in the video at the moment they were taken.

Here are some of Bourgault’s favorite shots from those 7 minutes:

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-2 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-3 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-4 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-5 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-7 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-10 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-11 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-14 copy

dead-to-me-pouzza-2013-montreal-800-17 copy

The challenge of it? Bourgault says it’s finding the balance between feeling the music enough but not too much:

The hard part during a show that has such energy is staying relaxed and getting your images. I like to feel the music – it allows me to get ready to shoot before a key moment (if you see it in your view finder, you probably missed the shot), so keeping a level head and not just going ape s**t like you really want to is a pain.

He also says that of the 45 photos he was happy with, he would probably only send 20-25 of them to a publication. You can find some more of his favorite shots from this shoot over on his blog.

Image credits: Photographs by Pierre Bourgault and used with permission

  • BDWT

    Foufounes Electriques! That venue is a dive but the atmosphere can really work to your advantage, although in the past I’ve seen the lighting setup be more dynamic than this night in particular.

  • Bruck Assefa

    I don’t know how well Jared Polin is thought of here (They don’t like him much on /p/) but he has done this a few times.

  • Bruck Assefa

    I don’t know how well Jared Polin is thought of here (They don’t like him much on /p/) but he has done this a few times.

  • Pierre Bourgault

    Yeah, the Foufs can be a real pain to shoot at. I wouldnt say a “dive”, but close to. Great vibe! It was a 3 day punk festival so they kept the lights pretty standard for all bands. :)

  • TortoiseWrath

    Yo dawg, we herd you like cameras…

  • Pierre Bourgault

    I’m sure a bunch of people did it before Jared, and a bunch of people will do it after. :)

  • Tyler Drumm

    Hey, I know this guy. Nice work, buddy. :)

  • Wallerus

    eric kim did some similar with street photography. They’re good to see the live performances and differences in each band.

  • Praverb

    Awesome idea Pierre. I have seen a GoPro video where the hip-hop group Heiroglyphics had GoPros mounted to their microphones. It was rad!

  • Pierre Bourgault

    Thanks! I’ve done that for a few clients with a GoPro mounted on a guitar or near a drum. Always nice having that extra little angle to throw in to a video :)