Flickr Launches “Spectacular” Redesign, Now Offering 1TB of Free Storage


Yahoo acquired Tumblr for $1.1 billion today, but that’s not the only major move the company announced. Today Flickr users were also treated to a “spectacular” redesign. The service has been upgraded in major ways, and has been given a brand new look and feel.

First off, all users will be given a terabyte of free storage space. You heard correctly: you get 1000 gigs of free space.

Free accounts were previously capped at 2 videos and 300MBs worth of photos per month. Not anymore: all users can now upload as many photos and videos as they’d like to their 1TB of storage, including photos of up to 200MB and videos of up to 1GB (and 3 minutes in length)! Photographs will be stored at full resolution and in their original quality.


For $50 a year, you’ll be able to enjoy Flickr without any ads in your browsing experience. For $500 a year, your storage space will be doubled to 2 terabytes.

Flickr also rolled out a brand new design to its website that puts photography at the heart of the Flickr experience. After all, it’s a photo-sharing site right?

The new Flickr user homepage is now a portal for discovering new content. You’ll be able to see your friends’ latest uploads, as well as photographs from the rest of the Flickr community:


The new photostream pages feature a slick design that’s reminiscent of Google+. The photographs are much larger on a new seamless layout, and there’s new space for a cover photo and a high-res profile picture:


Here’s a before-and-after comparison of the old and new photostream pages:


Photo sets are also displayed in much larger sizes, allowing you to tell beautiful stories through collections of photos:


There’s also a new slideshow mode that features new transitions and face detection technology to highlight key elements of photographs as they’re brought before your eyes:


Flickr is also investing a good deal of engineering power toward making its mobile apps top notch. Its December 2012 iOS app refresh was very well received among photographers, and the company is reportedly on a hiring spree for engineers who can help take the apps to the next level.

In a post on its blog announcing the new features, Flickr writes,

In the beginning, Flickr innovated the way people share and discover photos. Today, we are shifting the photo-sharing landscape again. We’re releasing a Flickr that’s more spectacular, much bigger, and one you can take anywhere […] A better Flickr is here. And not a moment too soon. With all of the power that you love, Flickr is now in it’s most beautiful form, and available to everyone.

When Yahoo first hired Marissa Mayer away from Google as its new CEO, the Internet begged Mayer to “please make Flickr awesome again.” So far, it looks like Mayer has been taking that request very seriously.

  • Moo79


  • Paul Barrett

    You still get unlimited storage if you already have a pro account. You just can’t buy a new pro account any more.

  • Paul Barrett

    Existing Pro users can still renew and still get unlimited storage AFAIK.

  • Simona Dumitru

    I HATE IT.

  • Guest

    300mb/month upload limit was NOT removed. I know because I’m at the limit and still can’t upload.

  • Ryan Troop

    I looked, and I hope it remains, but my pro account will renew at $25/yr. If that maintains, then grandfathered people will get an “ad free” account for a 50% discount/yr.

  • bill benson

    The NEW Flickr is aweful.

  • Fotog

    I can’t believe there’s people complaining so hard about this, the fear to change it’s bigger than I thought.

    It’s all I have to say. Have a nice day :)

  • btdown

    1tb is cool…but in the end, it’s still Flickr….low end stigma and all..

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Hmm, as a Pro user, I’m confused. I guess nothing changes for me?
    I thought the $500/year thing was a typo, but I guess it’s not.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I’m confused to.. do pro members get grandfathered into the new Flickr? Like we get to keep our unlimited storage forever?

  • Rob S

    Still trying to get used to the redesign but I agree with the comment that this is some HTML5 pasted on top of old flickr. If you dig deap enough you realize that the majority of the site hasnt changed at all. That might seem like a good thing but it gives the impression of a half baked job. Reminds me of early Windows versions that were clearly pictures over DOS.

    As for the price I am one of the lucky ones – my “Pro” account doent expire until March of 2015 so there is not telling if the current pricing will still be in effect then. The idea of paying $50 a year to not have ads is pretty unappealing. Im not worried about the storage space because 1TB is more than enough and I own my own website with even more storage if it comes down to that.

    Overall I am still on the fence but I think they made a mistake with the pricing of the no ad version.

  • ISO640

    When you have sites that massive, it takes a bit to roll out all changes. PBS redesigned over two years ago and not all of their site has been redesigned yet. They may also have reengineered their backend and if that’s the case, that also takes time to roll over.

  • Rob S

    And what about statistics? As far as I can tell they are gone once our pro accounts expire. Right now my Pro account is set for automatic renewal. Will I get to keep it forever?

  • Rob S

    Yes and there seems to be no way to edit what is shown in the activity feed. Now I have all these comments from pics I commented on MONTHS ago showing up. I think the new design will actually REDUCE the amount of interaction.

  • Vitek Fromage

    As these comments clearly show, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. Stay as you are, or adapt – either way you’re going to get people whining, complaining.

    If you don’t like it, leave, or don’t join up. Personally, I’m on flickr for the discussions in groups….and the massive database of porn.

    I’m staying…

  • Rob S

    Not only do free users not get stats, I dont see it listed as a benefit for the new “ad free” accounts. As far as I can tell, stats will go away when the last pro account expires

  • Rob S

    Yes they did. I have a free account as well as my pro account and I can now see all of my pics on the free – well past 200.

  • Rob S

    Oh I understand that but when you go from a primary white to a primary black, mixing the two becomes very disorienting.

  • Kevin Purcell

    Just hit the L key (for Lightbox) to get “the enlargement on a black screen”.

    Learn the key combos for the Lightbox. They’re the best way to scan through images.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Yea I think so as well..but hopefully Flickr will make some improved changes based on user responses. It may even become better as the time goes. We will see.

  • Theresa Z.

    I like the new design, it looks more professional, imho. The 1TB of storage and the banner are a plus as well. No complaints here.

  • Mantis

    Waaaaaaah! I want stuff free and without ads!!!! Waaaaaah!

  • Theresa Z.

    Not true, many well respected photographers have their own site and they include their Flickr url’s to gain more clients who may also have a flickr account.

  • Mantis

    It looks like 500px now, and that’s fine.
    I like 500px.

  • Rippie

    A slow site just got slower. A clean presentation that was chock full of information is now crammed and crowded and includes no information. Features and controls are missing, don’t work or the links go nowhere. The profile link is not present and the original file I used (higher rez than the display) is gone, and only the low-rez legacy avatar remains. That’s several hours of work down the toilet. You cannot see the photo you are commenting, the extremely important personal curation devices of sets, collections and galleries is gone, reduced to tabs and there are no options for how your stream displays and no way to change how they display for others. Previously, at least you could alter the displays in Groups and select from multiple layouts for your own account. Now you cannot.

    NO titles or captions show, and when you do get to an image, they blend together, something that is HIGH INSULT to a person who can write and understands the difference between a title and a caption/description.

    Ugly, cluttered and slow. Loss of control and features. Yeah… some upgrade.

  • Jan N

    I’d really like to see them focus on basics first. I’d like a faster interface, less notices that comments weren’t uploaded. Scrolling without waiting for freeze frame to end and more. I think their heart is in the right place but the efforts aren’t. If you’re a social photographer this news might be good. If you aren’t a social photographer this improvement is neutral at best. I’m not a social photographer.

  • Rippie

    I’ve been paying for Flickr Pro for 8 years. I want what I paid for without ads, not a free ride brought to you by M&Ms or Chevy or god forbid, a company I boycott, and there are a few, like Nestle or Mitsubishi, among others.

    I’ve been one of the most influential members the site has ever had, but if MY content is going to be monetized without my permission, a real point of resistance for MANY Flickr users who’ve been there a long time, I will self-delete after leaving a very poison-pill post.

    To say that I’m not happy doesn’t even adequately provide an overview of how repulsed by much of the change I am.

    I will not allow myself to be monetized without being paid.

    A TB of hackable storage? What kind of BS is that? I can buy a TB HD for $59. I have already done last year. Shipped. In a case with power supply and cables.


    GeoFlickrCities… that’s all I am going to say… or how about Yahoo!Photos… another dead and gone (with all your content) service…

    Flickr just knocked the Social and the Network out of their interestingly unique SocNet.

    Now it’s just a mash of pictures. Like a bunch of other sites. Big whoop.

  • Jake

    Download AdBlock for free, and forget about the $50 membership, and this just became a pretty sweet free storage for more than enough photos!

  • ripley

    I reckon it looks badass, and the extra space is great. Before, I had reached my limit with 200 photos, but now I’m using less than 1% of my space. Time to upload more photos :D

  • Guest

    Scratch that. Looks like the update was rolling out slowly. The limit seems to be completely removed.

  • Swade

    You just paid $59 more dollars for a TB of storage then. If you don’t like the service, don’t use it. It’s really very easy. There is enough competition that it probably won’t make much difference.

  • Swade

    You can make terrible sites via SmugMug and look like an idiot. Do ads really bother you that much? It’s a TB of free storage for some pictures you may have to X out of from time to time. Please cry more about getting stuff for free.

  • Gman

    They need to fix the groups pages. Make it more like a forum or even threaded comments.

  • Swade

    Why should you get something? You paid for something they offered and they gave it to you. Why should you get something extra because they redesigned their website and business plan and you paid for them before? Of course your subscription is paying for the upgrades, that is how a business works. They offer a service, you pay, they invest and pay expenses, etc. This avenue of thinking is so asinine, and most of the US is started to think this way.

  • Martin

    What was the free three months they offered a while ago for?

  • Mark Moore

    Except that many people pay for ‘pro’ accounts. They’ve just had everything changed under their feet, with no notice.

  • Crazy Ivory

    Looking through the Feedback Thread on the Flickr Forum, it will be interesting to see whether Flickr keeps this design.

  • David Campbell

    just as Travis r℮pli℮d I didnt knℴw that a singl℮ mℴm abl℮ tℴ ℮arn $7317 in a f℮w w℮℮ks ℴn th℮ int℮rn℮t. did yℴu s℮℮ this w℮b sit℮……….. Fℴx85 ℂℴm

  • Samuel

    So glad i invested in a pro account for the space..,.

  • Samuel

    Because they took away what we paid for and gave us something else, you wouldn’t be please if you rented a spacious house then everyone else got one for free.

  • Samuel

    not to mention our pro fee’s (and ad’s) paid for the interface we had no say in and some of use (myself included) don’t really like

  • Gregor_Albrecht

    Yeah! Redesigning isn’t about displaying things differently right?! It’s about uhm wait uhm different HTML markup?

  • Gregor_Albrecht

    Also, since when does HTML handle design?

  • Gregor_Albrecht

    I don’t get why people complain about the ads so much. There are ads on facebook, google and basically ANY free web service out there. That’s (mostly) how free stuff like this pays off! Get an ad blocker and stop crying!

  • Sarah

    Yep, especially when you’re right in the middle of a 365 Photo A Day year! I’m in.

  • Sarah

    I’m super happy about this change for someone like me, who doesn’t post TOO many photos on flickr and will probaly not go over 1TB, but yes, I see what you’re saying- those of you who post MANY photos on here might be seeing this as a step backwards! that is a shame!

    But…can’t please everyone right? The smaller uploading users are super happy while the more frequent/higher users are pissed off!

  • Dudley Cripps

    I’m disappointed with the way I’m seeing some of my photos ‘auto’ cropped
    for the new layout and also seeing everything squashed together on my photo
    stream is a bit ‘stack-em high, sell em cheap.’

    To me This feels much
    more than a redesign, it looks to be a move away from Flickr being a
    photographers community/folio website and move toward it becoming a photobucket
    type model, whist using the Flickr name and userbase to help launch that. I
    suppose this makes commercial sense as there is a wider market for that, which
    will help with the new advertising, but as a place for amateur and professional
    photographers I feel this new look does not do images justice.

    I’m also
    uncomftable having hi res versions of my work now fully available to
    download(can see no way to stop that at present?).

  • kjb

    I think it makes a lot of sense for 95% of users. Few Pros or serious portfolios hosted content on Flickr before, so why not cater to the majority of users who are non-paying? There’s room in the marketplace for a decent free service like this, offering so much storage. For those of you who want to pay to host a portfolio, I’m surprised you’re on Flickr anyway. For those of you using it as backup, I’m sure 1TB is plenty.

  • Mark Oliver

    Flickr is now awful. It was “Spectacular” now it “Sucks”