Video: Mall Cop and Woman Fight Over Picture-Taking on Mall Property

This video recently uploaded to the web is making its rounds showing a mall security officer fiercely shouting at a group of curious citizens for taking pictures and videos. (Warning: It contains some violence and strong language)

The fiasco erupted after a semi truck plummeted into a ravine nearby the Ohio Valley Mall when a mall cop identifying herself as “Officer Adams” began demanding the onlookers discontinue taking pictures and erase the images.

Mall cop fight

“Put the camera away and erase the pictures,” she shouted, also demanding the individuals leave what she called “mall property”. At one point, the officer threatened to take the onlookers’ cameras. The officer counts to ten with the expectation the onlookers would skedaddle, but when the time expires, she declares, “Guess what? I’m pressing charges on y’all.”

Things escalate quickly when the onlookers mostly ignore the security officer’s demands and question her authority. The officer eventually loses her cool and lays her hands on one woman in the group, at which point, a full-fledged brawl ensues. It takes the arrival of another citizen to finally defuse the situation.

Many shopping centers dictate that on-premise photography is strictly forbidden, but the subjects in the video seem more interested in what’s going on in the ravine below, which raises the question: what’s the big deal?

(via The Global Dispatch and PINAC)

Update: The mall cop has reportedly been fired from her job over this incident.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Even junior Nazis have 1st amendment rights. But it’s been a while since I’ve read my Constitution, but I don’t remember the “except rent-a-cops, security guards, and real police.”

    The maul cop had no right to enforce or back up her “request.”

  • Jeffry

    No, it’s nothing like that.

  • Jeffry

    Who Kuures about the danged malls private property?!!! It’s a flippin’ ravine.

  • Jeffry

    So why does Mall Fuzz go after Roller Derby Girl, is she stoned? She is Wearing a Helm[u]t and ready to rumble. When all that long blonde hair came out during the cat fight I thought for sure it was a gag.

  • pvbella

    The mall cop had no right ot make the request. The only “Nazi” was the mall cop, a private security guard. Evidently you are a hobbyist and not a professional. You are also an idiot. This conversation is over. I never argue with idiots. They bring you down to their own level and try to beat you.

  • E

    Also keep in mind that most Canadian Boarder Patrol Officer’s don’t carry guns either.

  • Bill

    I think this is so funny but yet so true with what is wrong in this country.

    I remember years ago I used to be a mall cop. I was young and it was a job, and the fringe benefits weren’t bad, I met my wife while on the job.

    Anyway, I am sure that this sad excuse for a security “officer” will be shown in training videos for years to come on how Not to handle a situation.

    At first, she was correct, asking the people to leave mall property, but done so poorly. Not sure about Ohio, but in most places, especially if you are outnumbered or the situation is just not safe, the main objective is to “observe and report.”

    When I was a security guard [ I never called myself Officer], it was before cell phones had cameras. The main objective was to prevent people from taking pictures of security devices like surveillance cameras and such.

    As for on the property itself, as long as they were not impeding traffic, creating a situation where it jeopardizes safety or the reason above, we were not too concerned.

    First rule when approaching a group would be to call for back-up and assess the situation. Never put yourself in a situation where your safety may be at risk, unless it was to save a life.

    I don’t know the entire scenario that took lace, but from what I see here, she needs to address her people skills. She is basically a liability waiting to happen in the worst way.

  • Bill

    Your right. I used to be a security guard a very long time ago. They drilled it into you to never touch anyone, unless they touch you first, or they were an immediate threat to safety and security. Basically, you are allowed to defend yourself, but don’t provoke the situation to make it so you have to defend yourself.
    As a security guard, in most states, you have no more arresting powers then a regular citizen.
    You are bound by several rules, break them and you become a liability for the mall or who ever you are working for.

    Even shoplifters, we could not physically restrain them unless they assaulted anyone or the individual stores security [if they had any] had them in custody already.

  • Bill

    I understand and agree, photography is not a crime but trespassing is. This is a situation where business policy becomes a misdemeanor crime.
    I don’t agree with how this woman handled it but she was in the right, at first by asking them to leave. Not sure how exactly she “asked” but I would assume it was not a polite way and she sounds like she was abusing her lack of authority.

    When a security guard or property owner/manager asks you to stop filming or taking pictures, you have to abide, if it is private property. Even though the mall may be open to the public, it is still private property. They call it public ingress.

    If you do not comply, they may ask you to leave the property, this is their right as the representatives of the property. If you do not leave when asked, you are now considered trespassing, a misdemeanor crime.
    The property owners have no authority to arrest you, but they can call the local police to do that for them.

    This is all this woman had to do. Ask them to stop, if they don’t, ask them to leave, if they don’t call the police.

  • Simon wardenier

    Thanks, my bad…

  • Samuel

    Don’t hope on the “Land of the free” irony wagon, i was forcibly dragged from the metro (NE England) for taking 2 snaps on my AE-1.

    They were baffled by the concept I couldn’t show them a memory card, it amused me for the most part then a ticket warden palmed me in the back of the head… these people (shouldn’t) need to be reminded they aren’t the police.

  • Samuel

    hirsute & behatted = terrorist in your world apparently. You must be scared 24hrs a day.

    Also turbans are a sikh thing you utter tool.

  • Samuel

    Don’t assume you kept the Jerry Springer gem all for yourselves :)

  • Samuel

    “Yah this is totally how this should have been handled” .. hipsters, sarcastic in the face of adversity.

  • guy

    Sentry down?

  • junior

    What about those people around , stupid!!! They see 2 girls fighting, and do nothing !!! Why they don’t put them apart ????

  • ZombieProcesses

    Well, friend, it was the mall cop I was calling a Nazi. If you could back off insulting people for a few seconds and actually read and think you would understand that Matt and I are saying that technically the mall cop Nazi has the right to say whatever she wants. There is nothing in the law or the Constitution stopping her. Her employer can (and should) do something, though.

    But thank you for helping me prove another point: should the by-standers have tried to break up the fight? No. As what you have done to me when I walked in to defend Matt, that cop (or maybe even the girl she attacked) would have gotten a punch or two in on me.

    Oh, as for my photography skills (which has nothing to do with my being an idiot) is certainly amateur. My favorite shot I took was in Monterey, looking out over the bay at sunset. But I have some good ones I took of whale migrations between Oahu and Molokai, also Singapore at night. I have my dessert sunsets I took when I was in my sunset phase 30 years ago.

    I mostly use an old simple 35mm SLR I got when I was in Singapore.

    I think my choice of photography equipment goes further to showing I’m an idiot than my very solid grasp on Constitutional and linguist topics.

  • madmax

    Absolutely WRONG. They must comply all the legal regulations about shopping malls. Nothing to do with your home.

  • madmax

    Absolutely WRONG. They must comply all the legal regulations about shopping malls. Nothing to do with your home.

  • Ichiro Ino

    I can’t stand western people and their attitude against authority.
    Asians and their officers would have promptly left, bowed and apologised the way out.

  • Matt Nastasi

    Anybody has the right to order anyone to do anything…

    Doesn’t mean you have to obey.

  • Matt Nastasi

    Really? Where you come from you put your nose in someone else’s business uninvited?

    Good way to get sued.

  • Matt Nastasi

    Exactly right. This thugette was way too high on the faux power conferred to her by wearing her ill-fitting uniform on her stoop-shouldered, bulbous form. She violated every rule Security is supposed to follow, and she deserved every bruise.

    Hope she gets fired. I’d say “maybe she’ll think twice next time,” but I don’t really think she’s got the mental fortitude to actually learn from her mistake.

    She caused this incident. Period.

  • Mike

    It means Asians should be called ship and not people

  • Gerry Straathof

    unless there are signs, all they can do is ask you not to photograph. And it comes down to the wisdom of the officer asking to determine what is harmful to the mall, its patrons or businesses.

    in this case, it wasn’t ask, it was tell, and it got to threaten pretty darn quick.

    And, last I checked, there are no ‘written’ rules in handbooks for malls that says photography isn’t allowed (I’ve only seen three or four of these during research, admittedly), yet it is usually assumed by mall security that it is their right to tell people no to. It is, however, ‘against the rules’ (not “illegal”) to block hallways or impede the flow of pedestrian traffic in malls.

    Consider this a good bad example of poorly educated mall staff on the subject of photography in public (yes, public) spaces.

  • BrightBart

    Next time try English.

  • Jeff Spirer

    Those crazy Asian boats!

  • HB

    that so-called security officer got what she deserved. Mall property or not, she was way out of line and could have used common sense to determine that those people were doing absolutely no harm. Meanwhile a shoplifter was ripping off the PayLess inside.

  • Matt

    WTF? What planet is this “Europe” on? It certainly is not the same as the Europe on earth. Europe has huge problems with police corruption and general racism. Get a clue.

  • Matt

    Wow really? You need some new facts there….

  • Matt

    I have a friend who lost an eye trying to stop a guy from beating his girlfriend at a gas station. No one got prosecuted and I would bet money the girl is still dating the abuser.

    This is real life
    not the movies or fantasy land.

  • Matt

    I know right? I mean who wears a helmet to walmart?

  • Matt

    No, they have the right to not allow you on their property. I think you need to check in to your facts some.

  • Matt

    I’m sure the real cops would not have come out, they have important work to do…

  • Matt

    She did not ask them to leave.

  • Donald Giannatti

    Man… you just cain’t fix stupid.

    Why did the onlookers let this crazed badge wearing mouthbreather intimidate them? I hope she gets fired, then sued. Everything she has and will ever have taken and given to people smart enough to actually be a part of society.

    Why would the mall hire a demonstrably mentally ill person.

    No worries, there are plenty of federal agencies already looking at her for a possible high level appointment.


  • Jack Herer

    North Korea, China, Laos, and other asian countries have some of the worst police brutality of any countries. Nice racism though, real classy

  • John Rennhack

    That is a periphery road. Isn’t that a right-of way? They weren’t taking pictures of the mall or the mall property. If the security person had safety issues with people on the side of the road by a ravine she could have said so.

  • facepalm

    She obviously missed the first rule of security guard duties ‘Observe and report’.

  • LeftistsSUCKballs

    I bet she takes it in the butt by janet napolitano

  • JoeJTT

    I must be only one who thinks guard was screwed over by that bunch. They seemed to totally want her to get angry, and when she was getting beat up, after 3 minutes of being taunted and ridiculed by group, none stopped it. She deserves some sympathy, and her job.

  • Brandon

    stop taking photos of officer adam’s bush!

  • sam

    I never had this shooting-in-and-out-of-mall problem in Hong Kong. :)

  • Ian Potter

    It was originally to stop thieves scoping out products, camera locations etc for future hits (and also to stop rival shops taking references too). Anti Terrorism has been thrown in as an excuse too, as have paedo’s, but not the main reason for the rule being there,

  • Ian Potter

    Of course none of the above applies to Cagney and Lacey up above here…

  • Ian Potter

    Just read something from a local resident that the woman is no longer employed by the mart…

  • madmax

    Did you get it first hand? In China, where I have been living for a long time, police is very courteous and respectful with both, Chinese and foreigners. Better shut up and travel a little.

  • Mudo

    That’s right. Canadians all smoke crack with drug dealers… I saw it on the news.

  • burgesst

    “On premises” please, not “on premise”. A premise is a idea. Premisesare places.

  • burgesst

    And yes, oops, I missed out a space!