external UK’s IP Office Responds to Photographers’ Outcry —UK Intellectual Property Office

After the The Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act was passed in the UK this past April, there was a large outcry from photographers who believed the new law would lead to widespread copyright infringement. To allay photographers’ fears, the Intellectual Property Office published this document last week with “fact” responses to the “myths” floating around.

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  • Scott Mains

    The law was never an issue. It was down to one or two interpretations that escalated beyond control that led this to becoming a non-issue. If photographers, or any type of creator of digital content properly catalog their work, insert the correct meta-data and make their own content identifiable… Also by allowing certain social media sites to retain this data… the likelihood of something becoming ‘orphan’ is pretty much put to rest.

    Still, I can put a guarantee that some UK reddit users will still downvote this as they clearly dont understand anything about copyright.

  • Todd Gardiner

    I always thought this was a boy crying wolf. The initial article that reported this totally glossed over the fact that you still had to pay a license fee (to be held) for use of the orphan work, which is a pretty critical protection.

    Andrew Orlowski at the Registry who “broke” this story does not have a great history of reliable and fact-backed reporting.

  • Rob Elliott

    This certainly clears it up.. though the law that passed was a little off. Didn’t know this existed in Canada.