external “Enhanced Reality: Exploring the Boundaries of Photo Editing” —Spiegel Online


“There are no ‘correct’ colors,” says Palmisano. “It’s all relative.” In 2008, his partner Zizola won a World Press Photo prize with a photo of a Colombian refugee camp with a double rainbow overhead. The colors were so intensified through editing that the scene looks almost surreal. This is allowed, says Palmisano. What isn’t permitted, he adds, is to change the relationship among the colors and to turn, for example, the green house in the photo into a red one.

The article includes a gallery of controversial edits and side-by-side comparisons (e.g. a normal young man who becomes vampire boy).

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  • Julian

    The comment to the tarp photo mentions that it’s an example of the “Italian look aesthetic”. I looked up that phrase and found no explanation. What does it mean?

  • Tara Taylor Denny

    I don’t see anything wrong with color correction or enhancement, as long as the scene is not changed, how would that compromise authenticity? You could get some of the same effects “in camera” with different lenses, filters, etc… and nobody would be worried about integrity. Right?