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Lloyd Chambers believes Adobe Creative Cloud’s date of birth requirement in the “lopsided legal agreement” is “patently offensive” and unnecessary:

OK, so you raise your risk of identity theft as per above (lying about the date is the best approach). Except that it is a violation of the license agreement section 7.1 to do so (“account info will always be complete and accurate”). Hence Adobe can keep your money and terminate your service if you lie about your date of birth (see section 6.5c on non-refundable fees).

What risk? Here’s an example: news recently emerged that a vulnerability in Adobe’s ColdFusion software led to a hack that may have exposed 160,000 Social Security numbers and 1 million drivers license numbers.

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  • MoritzP

    adobe is an unbelievable company and i hope it will be broke soon.
    i don´t know how much we, the paying customers, must endure before we fight back.
    software companys are the worst on this planet.
    our money is not enough, no they want to monitor our behavior and every step.
    and i can´t believe that there are so many braindead individuals that just say “who cares”…….

  • Ed Rhodes

    What if the account is in the name of a company or a trust? Could you just use the founding date of said entity?

  • Kenneth Tanaka

    Wow. Just…wow.

  • Donald

    What is happening to Adobe? … the world needs a good alternative!

  • vtmt

    Now we know who big brother is…..

  • Enempe

    It could be worse than that, lying about your age and continuing to use the service could be considered as not using the service in an authorized manner; or unauthorized access and be considered a criminal offences under computer misuse laws.