CameraLends: A Peer-to-Peer Gear Rental Network for Photographers on the Road


Taking all of your photography gear on the road with you can be a burden, not to mention risky. But even if you don’t want to break your back carrying it all or risk having it stolen, your options are limited. Not all cities have shops that rent out gear, and smaller shops may not have the gear you want and/or need.

Thankfully, there’s a new peer-to-peer solution in town that should greatly increase your odds of finding the gear you need, no matter where you’re headed: it’s called CameraLends.

CameraLends is a camera and gear rental service created by Adam Derewecki. It offers beginners, intermediates and pros alike a chance to find the gear they need at a reasonable price when they’re on the road. The service does this by bringing together a community of photographers willing to rent their gear out to you when they’re not busy using it.


By allowing photographers to rent out their gear when they’re not shooting, CameraLends offers a way to make an extra buck. And by letting the photographers themselves set the rental prices, photogs-in-need might find the right gear at a better price than if they visited the local shop — especially if it’s the only shop in the area with a rental program.

Right now, you can find everything from lenses, to underwater housings, to camera bodies available for rent daily, weekly or even monthly (where available). And if you’re looking to do a particular type of shooting, some users have already created situation-specific packages:


It’s a great idea that will only get better as more photographers join the fray. To check out the service for yourself, post some of your own gear, or find the perfect lens or package for your next out-of-town shoot, head over to CameraLends by clicking here.

(via PSFK)

  • Tommy Sar

    Just posted 3 lenses to test the waters. Here’s hoping it works out!

  • LarYd

    Seriously? Who, in their right mind would do this? It’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

    I would say good luck to anyone trying this but I take that back, if you do this you deserve what will inevitably happen…

  • David Portass

    Agreed, not a word there about insurance of said equipment. At least genuine rental firms provide insurance with their kit (well, I know Hire a Camera do with Aaduki insurance who I also have my pro insurance with)

  • agour

    “no matter where you’re headed: it’s called CameraLens. ”

    no it’s not

  • Michael Zhang

    Hah. Well that’s embarrassing… Thanks for the catch :)

  • Benjamin Chase

    The prices here on that site for many items are laughably high. What does this offer over borrowlenses or lensrentals?

  • Mansgame

    Sounds fun until someone drops one of your lenses or you borrow a damaged lens and the owner tries to blame you for it. And what about sales tax?

  • Adam @ CameraLends

    Hi Benjamin — funny that you mention the prices, many of them are cross-referenced against BorrowLenses and then reduced slightly further. An advantage to renting locally with CameraLends is last minute rentals, since shipping delays are not a concern.

  • Adam @ CameraLends

    Thanks for posting Tommy!

  • Benjamin Chase

    I’ll use the 5D Mark III as an example. I am seeing CameraLends pricing of $40-50/day and about $250/week. Lensrentals is $28/day for a 4-day rental and $152 for a one week rental.

    Am I missing something here?