external Adobe Responds to Photographers Angry Over Photoshop CC —DPReview


Adobe higher-ups are responding to photographers who are angry about Photoshop’s move over to a subscription-based model.

Apparently the company was expecting an even “higher degree” of a “negative response” from hobbyist photographers, and understands that there’s “not a lot of photography-specific value” in its current subscription products.

They also reiterate the fact that they’re making Lightroom accessible to more photographers by driving down the price and not turning it into a subscription-based product.

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  • 4223423

    adobe suck.. dont buy into that CC crap….

  • wickerprints

    They were expecting an even angrier response? Just wait until the product release, Adobe. Then you’ll see how angry people really are when your profits tank. Almost every CS user who has heard of this news, except for those working for big companies (e.g., design firms), has said they’re not buying into the subscription model.