external Nokia Lumia 928: The World’s “Best Low-Light Smartphone Camera” —Engadget


Spotted advertisements are revealing that Nokia’s upcoming Lumia 928 smartphone will boast what the company claims is the world’s “best low-light smartphone camera,” building upon the PureView technology of the Lumia 920. In addition PureView tech, the camera will feature Nokia’s proprietary optical image stabilization and a Carl Zeiss lens.

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  • Matt

    I would buy one if it was based on the 808. Not interested in just another crappy smart phone camera. I guess it is a Iphone 5S then, which I wasn’t really wanting to buy…

  • ValarieAna

    I have a Nokia Lumina 822 i like it wishes i loved it self taught Photographer who uses digital and does phone photography as well.

  • Oskar???

    No longer trust Nokia.