Eerie Photos of Car Interiors After Major Accidents


If you’ve ever been in a bad car accident, the images Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt‘s Car Crash Studies may bring back bad memories. The project is a photographic study of cars that have been involved in severe (and possibly fatal) accidents.

Howalt says the photographs straddle the line between documentation and abstraction. On one hand, they may be perfect, sterile report photographs, like the type you might find in a police accident report. On the other hand, they can be viewed as abstract works of art showing twisted metal, drooping airbags, and piles of broken glass.

The photographer says the works “beg the viewer to confront the human fear of trauma and death,” and that they “attempt to portray an abstract, mental state, namely the duality we feel in relation to accidents or catastrophes when experienced from a distance – as spectators.”



















You can find more photographs from the series over on Howalt’s website. Although we only shared photos from the series that show the interiors of cars, the project also contains additional abstract photos that focus on the cars’ exteriors and airbags.

Car Crash Studies by Nicolai Howalt (via It’s Nice That)

P.S. Howalt is the photographer behind the before-and-after portraits of boxers that we shared last year.

Image credits: Photographs by Nicolai Howalt and used with permission

  • Mike Scholle

    Is it just coincidence that every single one is stick?

  • Chris

    Some sort of warning might be in order for these, especially the bloody one.
    My girlfriend just walked past by chance and wasn’t overly impressed with me looking at them. =S

  • NeilV

    Brings back some bad memories…

  • kitbum

    At least three aren’t from my brief perusal

  • robbie

    if they have a stick it doesn’t mean they’re manual
    first one is auto, I believe the porsche is too

  • info

    Most European cars are stick.

  • info

    When you post “[Adjective] Photos of [Subject] [Preposition] [Context/Technique]”
    kind of an article, I usually expect to see well executed photography,
    at least to some degree. These snapshots are terrible, and not only
    because the subjects are terrible.

  • Hansy

    I noticed the porsche was an auto, shame on them.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Probably she was afraid of gore fans… the one in bestgore….

  • Raquel San José

    i was about to answer the same… it is in europe, we drive with stick is more fun.

  • Guest

    These aren’t cars’ interiors after _major_ accidents as you can actually get into the interior ;)

  • 3ric15

    The Porsche was an automatic, so ti deserved to be wrecked.

  • Jake

    This looks like the work of the Narrator in Fight Club…

  • no name

    What stick?

  • Joel Ruiz Cantisani

    That was my first thought too. Awful snapshots. Calling them abstract art is simply absurd.

  • Richard Ford

    Stick? WTF? They are cars, not trees or branches….

  • Richard Ford

    Maybe she should not look over people’s shoulders at private computer screens?

  • Chris

    Maybe you should keep your nonsensical opinions to yourself? She was actually looking at our laptop screen, in our living room in the house we own.

    There is no such thing as ‘private computer screens’ in this house.

  • Adam Cross

    agreed, this kind of post should come with a trigger warning (“may bring back bad memories” doesn’t count) and no photo heading the piece

  • Ivor Wilson

    Oh come on… as if the title isn’t warning enough.

  • Fearless Egbert

    tacky stupid gratuitous….there is no art here just pandering to the lowest level, bet these photos would not be nearly as interesting if these cars belonged to someone the photographers knew, loved or cared about.