external “What Constitutes Value?”

— Thom Hogan at Sans Mirror


So a message to the mirrorless makers: if you want to sell more cameras, tell us why we should value them over any others. All the overlap in the camera lineups is causing overlap in messages to the point where there aren’t any clear, informative messages to potential buyers any more. That leaves them considering something they always consider—price—and their pre-conceived perceptions. Because those perceptions don’t make the selling case over DSLRs, the fact that the low-end DSLRs are lower in price than all the current mirrorless models means people buy the DSLR.

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  • t3eye

    Correct me if I’m wrong (not a mirrorless owner) but I thought the big sell was that with 3/4 you get a better lens, for cheaper. Meaning, 3/4 is cheaper in the long run. If this is not true, please help.

  • Regan

    That’s an excellent article. I’ve just filled in his survey as well.

  • JoeNoName

    its much more complex than that. Go and spend 2-3 months reading the difference in 3/4 vs FullFrame or APS-C vs FullFrame.

  • Steve

    My Panosonic G3 wasn’t more expensive when I bought it than the SLR alternatives like the Canon 600D. Now I much prefer using an EVF to a conventional SLR. I like having all the information I need in the viewfinder and being able to see the photo I’ve just taken without having to look down at the LCD screen. It’s much better for video, I’ve never liked using an LCD screen for video. There’s no noise from the mirror and no vibration. With an electronic shutter, there’s no noise at all when taking a photo.

    EVF’s do have some drawbacks but thery’re getting better all the time. The EVF cameras are smaller, weigh less and I never get dust or condensation in the viewfinder.