Adobe Photoshop CC: Subscription Only, Shake Reduction, Better Raw

At its Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles today, Adobe announced Photoshop CC, the next version of its flagship photo editing software. Unlike version that came before it, Photoshop CC will only be offered through Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription plan.

This marks a huge shift in the direction of the company. Adobe says it plans to focus all of its software development efforts on its Creative Cloud product from here on out. The Creative Suite (CS) is being rebranded to Creative Cloud (CC) as part of this shift.

In other words, the Creative Suite line is coming to an end, and Creative Suite 6 will be the last in the series. Gone are the days in which you purchase a boxed copy of Adobe software.

Photoshop CC will have a number of upgrades over Photoshop CS6. Major ones are a new image deblurring/sharpening feature, and new Camera Raw capabilities. The new program merges features that were previously found in Photoshop standard and Photoshop Extended.

Photoshop's new Shake Reduction panel

Photoshop’s new Shake Reduction panel

That magical camera shake blur reduction tool that has been dropping jaws since 2011 will be appearing in the new program. It uses fancy algorithms to reduce the blur caused by camera shake:

There’s also a new Smart Sharpen tool that minimizes noise and halos quite giving photos much more sharpness:


Adobe Camera Raw 8 has three new capabilities for editing RAW files: an Advanced Healing brush that “heals” and “patches” images with a brush stroke, a new Radial Gradient for drawing attention to the focus of a photo without applying a standard vignette, and an Upright tool that straightens horizons and applies perspective corrections.

Camera Raw edits can also be applied to layers within Photoshop CC itself, without having to open up the Adobe Camera Raw window.


Adobe Photoshop CC will be available to Creative Cloud customers starting in June 2013. You’ll need to subscribe to Creative Cloud for $50 per month to use all of the new CC programs, or subscribe to Photoshop CC itself for $20 per month.

  • NeilV

    Then move, why do you think anyone else cares? It’s only software…

  • NeilV

    You really don’t understand it, do you?

  • Rob Elliott

    And you can still have it on more then one computer, I keep CS6 and ACR on another computer in a city I travel to regularly so when I do work that has to be preped right away I can do so quickly, when I don’t have Lightroom.

  • Jay

    Greedy corporates. Microsoft has also introduced annual subscription for its Office Suite. I dont like subscribing to softwares. I want my own copy. Hope this system will fail.

  • Bruce Multhup

    Hello Capture One good by photoshop.

  • Neoracer Xox

    yea F*** that.

  • Neoracer Xox

    why do we care what you think either? ponce

  • NeilV

    Wow, that was witty. prat.

  • pollymak

    great..what are you playing at Adobe? Dont you like us as customers? I dont know where you will find new ones at this rate..

  • Goofball_Jones

    As you’re being down voted for speaking the truth, don’t expect these guys to apply logic and reason like you did. They all want to hate this, so they’re gonna hate this because that’s what the mob has decreed.

    For $20 a month now you get PS Extended plus will always be up-to-date. I personally use it everyday in my work and have to be up-to-date with my clients.

    Meh, haters gonna hate.

  • Ted Nghiem

    How much will this cost people in Australia? I am sticking with my CS 5.5

  • Goofball Jones

    We’re not all students.

  • pollymak

    when is this all happening by the way? I hate these constant changes.. why cant people be happy when something works? I am spending too much time trying to work out how everything works than doing my real work..

  • Jeff Chadrick

    ACtually it’s cheaper. I have been paying $2000 for the cs and updating every two years. That’s $1000/year for me but with cc I’m pay a little more than $500/year.. much cheaper. And you don’t own the software you ‘buy’ from Adobe anyway.. read the licensing info.

  • Jeff Chadrick

    When you ‘buy’ a product from adobe you don’t own it anyway read your licensing info. and for people who use the whole suite, like I do, this is a great value. I’m paying a little more than half of what I use to and I get all updates immediately.

  • Martin

    Check your own math. You don’t pay $800 for every version, just the “first” license you purchase… If you already own PS-CS6 the upgrade price was less than $200 per version and you can (could) update every release for that price. So if they released a PS CS update every year you would perpetually pay $200 a year to have the latest. The original $800 license for many of us was a long time ago. I have been “upgrading” since CS3. So keeping current on PS now costs me at least $40 more than it used to.

  • Ayden Gotzmer

    Did you just go through this page and comment on nearly everything just to say something?

  • Ghost Doggy

    Hmm, this is true. Offer to teach a weekend class at a continuing education center (within a college or university) and find yourself in a position for their student/teacher pricing model. My wife did it and saved big almost two years ago.

    Of course, Adobe hasn’t said yet (have they?) on how they’ll treat S&T customers.

  • That 70s Shirt

    For f***s sake, we all know we don’t actually “own” any of our Adobe software; we know that it’s all just licensed. That correction can stop being posted.

  • Name

    It’ll be patched within hours of release

  • Any name

    Nah, 423’s correct – if the program is on your system, which seems to be the case, there will be a way to crack it. That may mean spoofing the activation servers or just patching the program. I’m guessing it won’t take more than a few hours

  • marsrover

    Damn dude. haha.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    no, last week I made a joke that wasn’t directed at any specific gender.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    again, I made a joke. relax. step away from the computer. :)

  • Carol Carlaw

    Ok so everyone is on CC oneday…no more hard copies…then!…the internet goes down….what then?…just wondering

  • Howard Barlow

    Yes! To hell with any company that charges enough to stay in business! They should realize this is their ministry!

  • rich

    At some point we will upgrade our operating systems and at some point CS6 will not run any more. What if Apple or Microsoft adopted this ridiculous system. “We’re sorry but you have exceeded the 30 day upgrade cycle. Your machine will not be fully functional until you upgrade”.
    Nearly all of us that choose to adopt this CC thing will experience problems with the 30 day validation system. Just saying.
    Kiss the days of bypassing an upgrade cycle goodbye. The new cycle comes every 30 days now. Who knows what difficulties that will cause. I have enough on my mind already.
    Lightroom is great, I’ve used it since before it was called Lightroom but it aint no Photoshop.
    I use Photoshop and Lightroom so getting access to all the other CC software is no benefit to me.

  • Swade

    I paid $250 for Photoshop CS6. One year of paying only for the CC and I would be at $240. From my math, that is more expensive, unless I only use it for a year. If you are getting CC it would be $600 a year, not $500. Maybe if you are buying the entire CS every two years, then it might be worth while, but for most of us who don’t need the CS (I can’t imagine a lot of people need the entire CS) this is indeed more expensive.

  • KLC

    It makes sense for you to go CC. You use the entire creative suite in your job. But this is a photography website and many of us are hobbyists using PS for non-revenue producing uses. For me it doesn’t make economic or otherwise. Sorry.

  • Jeremiah True

    I also have been doing the upgrade every two years thing with the Design Premium. I’ll pay more a year to have access to more software that I didn’t have the money to get before, mainly After Effects.

  • Jon Krop

    I don’t always need to update, and I hate the thought of having to perpetually pay a monthly fee for software.

    Currently a $ 750 upgrade lasts me about 4 years for PS, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign; and I can use those programs for years afterwards as long as I have a computer that can run the apps.

    Now 4 years of use will cost me $ 2,400 … and if I ever stop paying, I don’t have the apps nor can go back and edit/view my old files.

    So yeah, I’m gonna be a hater and hate this CC nonsense.

    It’s fine if the CC option is better for you – but it’s not better for everyone, and not having a choice in the matter is what angers many of us long time customers.

  • Tyler

    What a bunch of bull$%^&. People want to own software – myself included. This solidifies my position on Adobe and ensures I will not be buying (or “subscribing to”)any of their software anytime soon.

  • Stephen James

    Given all your posts here, you appear to be what is known as… a … TROLL .. happy trolling.

  • Stephen James

    I think Corel still makes Paint Shop Pro… or some iteration of it… I was using that before Photoshop and back when JASC owned the software…

  • Thierry Laurence

    I’ve read through a lot of the comments, but no one has effectively commented on what happens if you stop paying (or can’t pay) for some reason and no longer have access to your photos? Whether you have a license or not, you still own the pictures taken and not having access to the pictures is definitely a problem for anyone. Things happen! So, your pictures are held hostage until you pay up?

  • amgeex

    Creative Cloud wasn’t even available in my country, so I was forced to buy photoshop at full retail price, which I didn’t because I can’t afford it. I could, however, afford the $20 dollars a month for PS CS6, but Adobe didn’t let me buy that subscription. And now, you’re telling me the ONLY products available will be those bought through subscriptions? What will happen to us international customers? Adobe is risking a lot of customers in my view. What will happen is that piracy of CS6 and CC (if it can be done, which it probably is) will increase in a substantial way!

  • NeilV

    Your assumption is incorrect, I am simply sharing my opinion. In the case above, I got suckered into replying to some halfwit.

    So Stephen, unless you have something useful to add, I might actually call you a TROLL. See how that works? Don’t bother replying, I really don’t care what you have to say from this point on…

  • NeilV

    So there is limit to how much I can share my opinion? Just because I have an opinion that varies from the rest doesn’t make it any less valid.

  • 4dmaze

    I generally skip a version and upgrade every other one. It is currently $375. to upgrade the Premium Creative Suite. Over 2 years that comes out to less than $17. per month. If a never pay another dime I can still use the software for as long as I desire.

    For those of you that think the subscription is a great cost cutting idea, you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Adobe isn’t stupid and they aren’t pushing this with a vengeance to help save you money. Their next logical step is make sure all of their software saves in proprietary format so that when you stop paying the subscription you will no longer be able to use your files again with any other program. Unless you had the foresight to save all your layered files as tiff. Right.

    Then once the majority of their customers switch to subscriptions, the price goes up and up with no reason not to. And you can forget innovation. Why bother?

    Adobe expects to have 1.25 millon paid subscribers in the next few months. Their subscription revenue just doubled to $224 million.

    They have studied the psychology of how drug dealers work and it has paid off well.

  • John R

    I thought I was the only one who had v2.5, mine came with the most unstable version of Premier that ever existed.

    I use DXO Labs, Nikon NX, Capture 1 and PShop, each one of these peaks and troughs in ability. Today CS6 is damn fine with RAW D800 files, but the others work too, if I need to composite with PShop in the future it will be my soon to be ancient CS6

  • John R

    I’m in the UK and our prices are crazy, but the Oz ones are beyond belief.

  • John R

    I like your drug dealers analogy. Supply is also the reason we are surrounded by ‘chain stores’ and other multi-national companies. Because we like it that way. We fear change and buy what we know.

    Like any animal we seek security in routine and repetition.

    But all companies rise and fall, I can’t imagine a scenario where a 100 year old RAW or PSD file can be opened. A printer and a hermetically sealed box is our best bet for immortality.

  • Kingcups

    Yes maybe will only boring to take all Suite program separatelly one after one, but they will crack no worry…

  • caspar

    ill use my “legit” cs6.. lets hope that some1 will make crack to that CC :D

  • NotCoolAdobe

    This totally screw overseas users, as the prices are NEVER the same. The economy varies a lot in different countries and undervalued/restrictive monetary exchange will leave a lot of people without the software they are used to, because the high price of the dollar/countries currencys. This is in some way is discrimination, Not only wealthy economies like the United States use this software, all around the world too.

  • friv200

    Oh yeah! I agree with the idea that there is a coincidence

  • friv200

    Very good and has many improvements and exciting new.

  • Jeremiah True

    Adobe actually changed its upgrade pricing model with the release of CS6 making anyone with software older than CS5 pay significantly more. I used to do every other upgrade and had to get CS5.5 last year due to work but I would have paid a lot more if I had waited until CS6 came out. The way I did it, I upgraded after 6 was announced but before it was released so I got it for free.

  • fas

    yes 60 eur a mont is a lot for a country wher most of the peopel get paid in the 800-1000 eur a month

  • derek

    the fortune of adobe products, like windows products, is the fact that all the world can take it and all students will learn from it… so if i’ll became a pro, i will buy it… when i was in university all students had the pirate version of Autocad for planning… and all the architecture’s studios ask for the knowledge of this program… if ps is going to block this system… wellcome corel paint!!!!