Anti-Abuse Ad Uses Lenticular Printing to Show Alternate Photo to Kids

Last week we shared some photos from an awareness campaign by the Mexican organization Save the Children, which showed the “cycle of abuse” through powerful, hard-to-stomach photos of children growing into future abusers. The ads were meant to illustrate the statistic that 70 percent of abused children turn into abusing adults.

Spanish organization the ANAR Foundation (Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk) recently released a campaign that makes similarly powerful use of photography, only they’re taking advantage of the process of lenticular printing to send an offer of help to abused children without alerting their abusers, even if they’re walking together.


Lenticular printing is a process that allows for different photos to be seen depending on the angle the image is viewed from.

Using the process, ANAR produced an outdoor poster that, when viewed from a normal adult height, reads “sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.” But when the poster is viewed from the average height of a 10-year-old, the boy in the picture becomes bruised and the message “if somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you” appears, alongside the foundation’s help line number.

Anyone over 4’5″ sees the poster minus the bruises, number and offer for help:


But when children see the ad, the hotline number and offer to help become visible:


Adults get an awareness message, children get an offer for help. To see the outdoor ad in action, check out the video at the top.

(via DIY Photography)

  • Michael Spotts

    Very clever use of photo tech. I hope it helps someone.

  • David Liang

    Wow, this is really thoughtful and clever.

  • Neoracer Xox

    Anyone know where I can get cheap lenticular printing done online? Its freekin hard to find somewhere that doesn’t have a 15 year old website thats out of date..

  • Thewirehead

    It’s great usage of the technology, but I have to wonder if by putting a video about the sign online, if an abusive person would recognize and avoid the sign with the youngster. I know I’m probably analyzing it too much, but by watching the video, the secret is out to everyone.

  • guest

    analyzing further: abused child will be afraid to make a call. The calling one will be the kid raised by the no-stress philosophy. Angry by no iPad punishment will make a prank on their parents.

  • bob cooley

    This is very laudable, but the challenge is children that children of abuse are afraid to speak out against their abusers, especially when they are close family members. And all too often, abused children don’t understand (intellectually) that the abuse is wrong – its just something they grow up with (which is part of the psychology behind the cycle of abuse moving on through the generations of family).

  • thedahliadisqus

    Finally a campaign for children that was thought out. The photography is very powerful and the lenticular perspective for a ten year old could help them envision hope. Question, what language is it printed in?
    Where do i donate money?

  • thedahliadisqus

    What makes you think kids who are abused don’t think they deserve it to stop. Child abuse is real as for the generation of the privileged this campaign is not addressed rich white kids. Get the picture

  • thedahliadisqus

    What would you prepose? I mean lets be happy we have a campaign that is at least going to address the issue.

  • A_Lwin

    Did you just read the title and skipped over the rest? It’s printed in Spanish…. the article did say “…from an awareness campaign by the Mexican organization Save the Children…”

  • DLCade

    It is printed in Spanish. The organization is the ANAR Foundation :)

    Another great foundation is the Mexican organization Save the Children, which A_Lwin pointed out, but they were the ones behind the “Cycle of Abuse” awareness campaign we featured last week, not this one.

  • bob cooley

    These types of campaigns (both in printing and ad placement) are extremely expensive, so the cost to effect ratio is pretty low – the creation of the video was likely expensive, too. These funds could be used on more effectual forms of help for the children.

    The one thing it will do, though is hopefully raise awareness for the organization, to help them with their fund-raising.

  • thedahliadisqus

    Talking about the effectiveness of the campaign and what some were mentioning earlier is the ad is targeted to the abuser but more often than not, they may have a friend that is abused. I think the campaign would be nore powerful addressed to teenagers to get help for someone they know.

    Printing cost and start up aside

  • The Chasm

    When a child has been brought up that way, they believe THEY are doing something wrong or THEY deserve it. It is all they know. I agree with guest

  • thedahliadisqus

    I read it, i was confused because the printing was in English, even though it was created by a Mexican organization

  • thedahliadisqus

    I’ve been abused and knew i didn’t deserve it. What’s your response to that?
    You think there arnt kids put there that want to fight back, your wrong

  • The Chasm

    there are always exceptions to generalized statements

  • thedahliadisqus

    What would really need to happen is to address thr cultural aspect of child abuse and possibly help parents take a look at their culture.

  • Mark Mendel

    Didn’t this video just kind of blow the entire point of it?

  • Michele Hays

    I’m really concerned about this technology – first of all, I see all kinds of potential for commercial abuse. Parents have so little control over commercial messages as it is!

    However, more importantly, the ad assumes that all children have the ability to understand the meaning of the picture and the words – that it won’t be frightening to children who don’t need the number, and that it will provide useful information to the children who do.

    What happens when children try to explain what they’ve seen when no adult can see it?

  • David

    That’s why ads are moderated, it’s not like you can go into the street and put something on the wall and no one asks you why.

    The Ad is targeted toward that audience, I am sure they have done some research on whether those children can read or not.

    I have no idea, why the first thing that people see in a new tech is the fear of that tech and the abuses that one can do with it? be a bit positive and more open minded. Those children do need help.

  • Chris

    Isn’t this article entirely defeating the point of the ad? Now adults that abuse kids know. Like, what?

  • ZZZ

    This agency is really dumb and really only for the money – if they wanted to hide it so why reveal it so everybody knows how it works?? Its just a dumb PR gig

  • Janet

    Won’t the children looking at the poster think that the adult is also seeing the abused child along with the hotline phone number? They will still be too scared to speak up.

  • ET3D

    What about Snapily Pro? (Disclaimer: I’m affiliated with them.)

  • Si

    Think more about not abused, happy child – attacked by such posters in their happy live.

  • GilbertPinson

    What about Precious? She was pretty tall…

  • Yousef Ergonenc

    what if the abuser is a midget?

  • dave_aka_lambsev

    I pass out Gospel literature, the Gospel of John, New Testaments and Bibles. When the Messiah Jesus is believed on and followed, abuse is almost always one of the first things to disappear from an adult’s behavior. And for children the abuse for lack of a better word is mollified with the understanding that Jesus is real!

  • guest

    Of course they think they deserve to make it stop. But fear is a powerful force, which I know first-hand being abused throughout childhood and adolescence. My opinion is formed by abuse. Was yours?

  • John Smith

    child abuse is not about reaching children, it’s about reaching the person responsible for the abuse. there has been little to no effort made in trying to get the abusive person to admit that they need help and giving them that help. someone who is on the outside can never understand what goes on in the minds of abused or abuser. it reminds me of nancy reagan’s “just say no” effort, she would talk about helping but had no clue since she never used drugs….you can only help when you understand and when you make an effort at the individual level. abuse is like any others “incorrect” way of dealing with things, so you need to treat the abuser like an alcoholic. as always, the answer will take work, and lazy people will never do work, but will do things that make the problem worse. these signs are not the answer. they need to have a hotline for abusers, so they can call and ask for help, and then have a way to help them without fear of prosecution. children are not likely to report abuse because they are CHILDREN and they don’t want to find themselves in foster care or see their family fall apart.

  • thedahliadisqus

    Yes, same. I mean in a situation similar to my own and others i know, the mother doesn’t condone to it and if they are a good mother would tell them they don’t deserve it. So child abuse is not one sided where kids are going to crawl in a corner and think they deserve it.

  • abbeysbooks

    It’s post modern thinking that has enabled it.

  • abbeysbooks

    With the stupidity of adults in this world it could happen but is not likely as thre is too much explaining for them. There is so much info out there that everyone is drowning in it.

  • abbeysbooks

    LIke everything else “abused children” come in variations. Some do and some don’t. Some are more afraid than others. My mother used to shake me. One time at an ice-cream store at the beach where she knew the lady, my cousin and I were laughing at our mothers’s quirks (they were identical twins) and I loudly told the lady my mother shook me when she was mad and lost her temper. She never did it again. I had learned a powerful weapon to use against my mother: social exposure.

  • abbeysbooks

    Bottom line thinking eh Bob? Yeh donate so the people who work for these organizations can have a job. Idiot thinking here, Bob. It is a Discourse that is already on its way out. Have you seen the film “NO” about how Chile got rid of the CIA installed dictator Pinochet, who murdered the democratically elected Allende? The vote and an ad campaign as sophisticated to get out the vote as any you have ever seen to sell useless products. You are a dinosaur thinking your way out of extinction man.

  • abbeysbooks

    Teens have more ego strength to accuse the abuser. Not that it is a lot, but they are more able to defend themselves. If they don’t then we must begin to think in terms of “complicity” conscious or unconscious.

  • abbeysbooks

    Obviously you have never known children really well to the degree that they will allow themselves to be vulnerable with you as an adult. They will tell you things you never imagined they saw, heard or knew about.

  • abbeysbooks

    Yes. Any new idea arouses fear and opposition to it. This is just the first one. They will get better now.

  • abbeysbooks

    Well adults can now see Arctic Ice melting and they still deny it and deny global warming. What makes you think they will be any less oppositional to the thing that many of you are.

  • abbeysbooks

    It will get more sophisticated. Ads will use the technique to pitch to children in a way adults will not know. Do you really think you are going to see adults squatting down to read them all? And some of these could have the hidden message and some not. Adults would be afraid to squat down as other adults would think they were abusers. Everyone knows how global warming works and do you see many of them not believing it? ZZZ is just a dumb fug.

  • abbeysbooks

    Children play a secret game. They know how to play dumb and how to pretend. After all if they are abused and if no one has helped them, and they don’t know what to do about it, they are playing dumb every day out in public. This ad speaks DIRECTLY TO THEM and also says to them that they know their secret. The observant child will look up at the adult to see if the adult has noticed the ad. They will pretend they did not. It offers them a chance to take an existential choice.

  • abbeysbooks

    What can’t happy children know these things exist. Why do you want to protect them from the misery of other children. They see starving children in other countries. Let them know that their country is no different.

  • abbeysbooks

    Not always.

  • abbeysbooks

    LOL! Good rejoinder.

  • abbeysbooks

    The addict – and I include abusers – must first reach a point where the addiction is ego-dystonic. That is the addiction is no longer tolerable for them. You can zero in on this point for William Burroughs in his book JUNKY. To offer help before it is sought is useless. USELESS. Anyone who is an adult will know or figure out where to go to get help. The help must begin with the user or abuser not “pushed” at them with a sign. Now if s/he knew that these signs were out there they might be scared into seeking help. But as the Bible says, “Spare the rod and spoil the child,” which gives them all the support they need or want.

  • thedahliadisqus

    Ok. Great, lets start that campaign

  • Samuel

    I’d argue if one kid calls for help then its probably cost effective

  • Kizi

    wow! is wonderful. it’s the inventor or very good and keep trying possibility.

  • bob cooley

    Samuel, I agree that if it helps any child, its had some effectiveness. And that’s good. But if the total cost of the campaign is say $200,000 (which may be conservative) and it helps 1 or 5 children, it has had a positive effect.

    If however that $200,000 is put towards something that is more effectual, like 3 full time staff specialists (keeping in mind that it’s Mexico, and salaries for specialists are lower than the US) who are able to help 10-20 children in more effective ways than just awareness, then that same spend has had a more lasting, broader, and more positive impact.

    With social programs and non-profits money is tight, so an effectual spend is very important.