external Does Pentax Have a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Up Its Sleeve? —Mirrorless Rumors

pentaxk01Something’s brewing over in Pentax-land. In a recent interview, a company manager revealed that Pentax is working on new professional APS-C cameras and a new full frame DSLR that will be different from anything on the market today.

After this interview, rumors began floating around that Pentax may be developing a full frame mirrorless camera that uses a newly developed hybrid lens mount. The mount would be compatible with both K-mount lenses and a newer series of lenses designed specifically for the camera. That would definitely be something new and “different” (though, not a “DSLR”).

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    I’ve always found it sort of amusing that the only company to make a true normal lens for the 35mm format doesn’t make a full frame camera (yet).