One Photographer’s Mission to Show Off the World’s Most Interesting Escalators


It’s always interesting when a photographer manages to show the artistic or beautiful side of something that you otherwise might pay zero attention to. Beat up baseballs, diverse seed specimens, and even the view of Hong Kong looking straight up have all made for interesting photo series we’ve shared in the past.

Japanese photographer Miha Tamura’s website serves that same function, only her subject is escalators.

Some spiral upwards, others take people ridiculously short distances, and others zigzag around equally interesting architecture, but all of them are interesting to Tamura, who has photographed hundreds of escalators from all around the world for her website Tokyo Escalator.

Make no mistake, not every escalator makes the cut. While she says she values the experience of stumbling across an interesting set of moving stairs the most, she explains in an interview with PingMag that she doesn’t ever photograph “escalators that are just ‘average’.”

Only the ones that catch her eye as intricate, well designed, or particularly unique make it onto the website:










Interestingly enough, her photography isn’t based on getting the best looking photo, but rather the best representation of that particular escalator. Fortunately, most of the photos seem to have turned out pretty well regardless.

To see more, visit Tokyo Escalator or follow Tamura on Twitter or Facebook.

(via The Verge)

Image credit: Photographs by Miha Tamura.

  • TylerIngram

    Myself, I always thought the escalators at Caesar’s Palace were pretty cool. Granted that was the first time I’ve seen curved ones.

    Curious what the story is behind that short one with the stairs at the end.

  • 4dmaze

    Ha, I was just going to say the same thing…

  • Chris

    Really nice set Thomas, re-edits and different angles of the same shots. I enjoyed flicking through them. =)

  • Nick

    It’s the world’s shortest escalator – 5 steps. (I used to live in Tokyo, in the same complex as the escalators in the 4th image after the shortest one – Harumi Triton Square. It’s a shame these images aren’t labeled properly or linked to the original site!)