Close Call: Reporter’s Selfie Reveals That a Baseball Whizzed By Her Head


Sun Sports Rays reporter Kelly Nash recently snapped some selfies atop the Green Monster, the tall left field wall in Fenway Park (home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team). Afterward, while reviewing the photos, Nash discovered the image above: it reveals that a speeding baseball whizzed by Nash, nearly slamming into her head.

Nash was visiting the park this past saturday for a future story on the Tampa Bay Rays. Here’s her account of what happened, according to Fox Sports Florida:

I was taking a picture of myself in the seats above the Green Monster during Red Sox batting practice.

Producer Art Dryce had called out ‘heads up!’ a few times while I was taking pictures around the left field section, but none of those balls actually fell close to me, so I took my chances turning my back on batting practice for a picture.

My whole family is from Massachusetts, and I knew they would be so excited to see me working at Fenway Park, and when I went to text them the picture I noticed the baseball by my head!

I laughed pretty hard when I saw such a surreal picture that I had no idea I took. I thought, you have got to be kidding me, maybe there ARE really angels in the outfield. I actually brought the movie with me on the trip and had it in my bag at the game.

Art had picked up what we think was that ball and gave it to me after we saw in the photo how close it came to my head.

Nash’s caption for the Instagrammed selfie states, “Most dangerous selfie ever. That happened.” She also followed up the selfie with a photograph of the Angels in the Outfield DVD she was carrying with her.


“Think the Angels in the Outfield saved me because I brought their DVD with me on the trip? #ThoughtSo,” she writes.

(via FOX Sports Florida via USA Today)

Image credit: Photograph by Kelly Nash

  • brob

    never ever take your eyes off the ball. She was lucky.

  • Scott Medley

    I’m calling BS on this. Hate to be the cynic, but she’d didn’t notice until she texted the pic? C’mon! you didn’t hear it wiz by your head or hit the seat in front of you?

  • Tommy Sar

    She’s blonde.

  • Jason Dunn

    Moving that fast and very little blur? What’s the iPhone do, 1/800 shutter speed? Sounds unlikely but possible.

  • tyrohne

    i’m going to call shenanigans. I can’t capture a walking subject with my phone without motion blur much less a speeding baseball…

  • Duke Shin

    Instagrammed? She shoulda been hit.

  • Tam Nguyen Photography

    I don’t see any ball in that picture….

  • AllanBaxter

    Assuming the ball is travelling 50 mph, that translates to approximately 880 inches per second. If the shutter speed is 1/800 second, the ball would have moved approximately 1 inch during the exposure. Where is the motion blur?

  • Nick

    Come on guys giver her a break, all her baseball knowledge comes from watching disney movies starring Danny Glover, as does most of the others at FOX Sports.

  • Mike

    Potato-cam? I thought they only have these in war zones and with built in ShakyHandz™

  • Joey Duncan

    lol, It’s funny that people aren’t even debating it, At the time of me reading this everybody says it’s fake. I’m not really sure which way to go on this. BUT I will say two thing:
    – We need to not say selfie, it’s a horrible word for a photography site to be using. lol
    – At the rate the ratio exponentially increases between fake shots to real shots, statistically this shot is probably fake. There is probably somebody standing there and tossed the ball up. “Ohhh this video will go viral and I’ll get more famousie”

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Would be cool if every time a chick takes a dumb selfie, a baseball comes out of nowhere and smacks her in the head… make it happen, Apple. There’s not an app for that yet!

  • Mantis

    Why is everybody so eager to call it a fake? A little baseball knowledge can go a long way to figure this out.

    It looks like she’s way up high in the outfield seats during BP. This looks like a BP homerun, and at this point in its flight the ball is very high in its arc, and not moving very fast at all before landing in the cheap seats. Surely not a “screaming line drive”. With good lighting, the shutter speed on a smart phone would be more than sufficient to capture this image.

  • Dominick Delli Paoli

    was thinking the same thing

  • lidocaineus

    Better yet, you stop bitching about Instagram every chance you get. I’m not a fan either, but you posting your vitriol on every Instagram related article makes me hate you about 100000000x more. Grow up, let it go, and as long as it’s not infringing on your rights, let people do whatever the hell they want.

    And if that’s too hard, at least try and say something new, interesting, and/or witty.

  • photosforus

    Speaking of letting things go…

  • lidocaineus

    … ok?

  • Klipps

    Look at these conspiracy theorists out in full force…

  • Duke Shin

    The picture’s already fake without the ball. It’s been shitplastered with Instagram.

  • LarrYd

    What if it was coming straight at you? Hmm…

  • LarrYd

    I’d like it if there was an app that would filter out sexist comments from punks in hoodies! ;-)

  • LarrYd

    Pretty easy to make that assumption, have you thought it out though? (Clearly, you haven’t…)

  • AllanBaxter

    The batter was in the stands behind her?

  • Mike

    There’s no motion blur on the ball? Are all of you looking at the same image as I am?
    I see plenty of blur on that ball.

  • Duke Shin

    Wait- she’s supposed to be a sports reporter, right?

    Isn’t it basically her job to keep track of balls flying around?

  • Michael

    I’ve had line drive foul balls go right overhead while shooting along the baselines and not known how close they were till reviewing photos. It’s not like the balls whistle while flying through the air…

  • Debe

    Judging by the empty seats, this is during batting practice and well before the games first pitch.

  • bonkerslite

    [snort!] Nice one. Cruel, but funny.

    Immediate images in my head of people getting taken out everywhere: clubs, bars, restaurants, street corners, parties, and tourist spots. BONK! THOKK! WAP! Baseballs littering the ground alongside the people who got plunked. Sounds like a MADtv skit.


  • Dan Swack

    I call BS.. no way is the shutter that quick on a phone, ball should be blurred..

  • Mantis

    You don’t see any motion blur? I sure do.

  • Matt Boggs

    I thought it was fake too, but you can even see the skew that the iPhones rolling shutter produces.

  • Joshua Morin

    Ha nice!

  • Ed Rhodes

    You can absolutely see motion blur. Look at the bottom right of the ball, it is misshapen, you can especially tell by looking at the stitching. The ball is traveling left to right in the frame (probably moving forward as well, but not as much).

    The ball probably landed behind her at camera right. At the precise moment of the shutter release, it gives the impression that it is coming right at you.

  • LarrYd

    Have you ever been to a ball game before? Errant hits can send the balls in bizarre directions…

  • Robert Miller

    I agree with you Allan. Logically breaking this picture down it seems impossible to even be able to decipher the laces with the ball traveling that fast. The ball should look more like a white streak especially since the focus was on her face before the picture. I also notice the ball looks disfigured. Why would it be disfigured all the way at the wall…maybe off the bat but not all the way at the wall.

  • Robert Miller

    I’ll settle the fake or not debate right here. Took the liberty of getting the original pic off her twitter and checking it out. It’s fake and here’s proof

  • Debo

    Thank you. She’s also at the very top of the Green Monster at Fenway Park. That ball is just starting to come down after getting way up there, so it’s probably not even moving very fast.

  • Ed Rhodes

    look at the other pic in this article (the one with the “Angels in the Outfield” DVD). You can see that they did not paint the grass, they only chalked the dirt.

  • Igor Ken

    now this is news-worthy

  • AllanBaxter

    Another point to consider:
    The baseball has a diameter of between 2.8 and 2.9 inches. The average distance between the adult female pupils is about 2.6 inches.

    The image above shows these two measurements to be very similar and places the ball within inches of her head. No matter what direction the ball was travelling she would have been immediately aware of it before she even checked her camera.

  • AllanBaxter

    Good detective work Robert!

  • 3ric15

    It’s practically aiming at the sun looking at all the glare. Shutter speed SHOULD be fast….

  • brandon

    i was just going to say a girl that cute shouldn”t have to do any “selfies”… yeah, i know….

  • 3ric15

    lol, you don’t trust that it could have just been by chance, but you link to a random website with a picture that someone off reddit could have edited with paint…kind of sad…

  • 3ric15

    Btw, the misshapen ball was from the motion blur

  • 3ric15

    Chances are that the ball is near the end of its trajectory path, and gravity and friction with the air has slowed it down a ton, especially in its horizontal velocity.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    fair enough. Let’s make the app work for dudes too

  • 4323423423


    next time try some more motion blur.
    no way that crappy camera has a fast enough shutterspeed to freeze the ball this way.

    what are you… photographer or noobs?

  • Tom Mosser

    Shouldn’t there have been a loud “Bang!” though…I don’t buy it. I was the mascot for the Pittsburgh PIrates for 8 years in the 90’s. Batting practice balls “wiz by” and then they hit something loudly!…but as a sports artist too the light source is correct. The sun is in the upper right on her and the ball.

  • Total Niners

    The answer’s simple. And it’s one that doesn’t impugn her character by alleging a setup. Namely, that the ball is neither photoshopped nor on a trajectory from home plate, but rather that it’s being thrown (or bouncing) from below and to the left of the camera. Look at the blur– it’s on the lower left side of the ball.

    If it were hit from home, two things would be different: 1. the blur trail would be longer and would be higher up on the left side of the ball. 2. She’d be in the hospital. The ball is simply too close to her head for it to have suddenly veered off course and missed to the point where she wouldn’t have pissed herself.

    She posted a non-cropped version on her twitter page. If you look at that image, ignore the blur, and assume the ball was traveling from home plate, the flight path would’ve taken it directly into the back of her head. Go ahead and zoom in on that image in photoshop and you can see where the blur is.