external Unpopular Canon EOS M May Be Replaced by Two New Cameras —Canon Rumors

canoneosmWe’ve already reported on the fact that Canon appears to be prepping a viewfinder-equipped replacement for the unpopular Canon EOS M, but there may actually be two new followup cameras on the way.

There may be a direct replacement without an EVF and a higher-end model with one. Both cameras will reportedly feature a new “class leading” autofocus system, directly addressing one of the main gripes people have had with the EOS M.

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    EOS M was one of the bestselling cameras in japan.
    i don´t knwo why no blog on the internt checks some facts.. if you want a poor seller look at some pentax cameras.
    it did not sell well for canon standards…. that means other companys would have jumped for joy.

  • Michael Zhang

    Hi Klugtrad. Thanks for the comment! Yes, Canon says the camera has sold quite well in Japan and certain parts of Asia, but it hasn’t been popular elsewhere. We’re also writing as a blog based in the United States. Thanks :)