external Hasselblad’s Luxury Lunar Mirrorless Camera to Arrive in June —Amateur Photographer

hassylunarHasselblad’s Lunar mirrorless camera was originally scheduled to arrive in the first quarter of 2013, but the launch date has since been pushed back to June.

The Lunar is essentially a repackaged Sony NEX-7, so you can think of it as a ~$6,500 souped up version of that 2-year-old, sub-$1000 camera. At least it’s made of precious metals…

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  • tttulio

    It is like those Lamborghinis tastefully modified for customers that have more money than sense.

  • kluhshghwe

    if you see someone with this camera you know it is a moron…

  • thewtb

    No, it’s more like those who build a body to look like a Lamborghini on top of a chassis and engine of a Dodge Stratus.

  • Louis Amore

    such a disgrace, hope they crash and burn

  • Sid Ceaser

    Dammit Hasselblad, just give me an affordable digital back for my 500c/m. Stop playing with this type of stuff and gimmeh!

  • Jonathan Bae

    well… let’s say it’s a Lexus that was replaced with carbon fiber body panels that cost … never mind… either way it’s ridiculous.
    I bet all the nouveau riche in China will buy it up like crazy and give it to their 13 yr old for her field trip