external “Can We Declare Size a Solved Problem?”

— Mike Johnston at The Online Photographer

sonyrx1“I’m sure the limits of small size will continue to be explored by the cameramakers, and options will continue to be filled in as various makers compete with each other. [...]

Still, from my perspective—that is, as someone who likes cameras that are small but not too small—it seems like we’re awfully close to being there. Just as we’re past the time when “quiet” is a meaningful marker of fame for a camera, we’re fast approaching the time when “small” as a similar marker of renown will no longer be available.”

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  • madmax

    Cameras size is not the problem now, but lenses. Make compact bright zoom lenses instead!

  • Pete Charlesworth

    Size is certainly a problem…. cameras have just gone through the
    miniaturization that mobile phones went through around a decade ago. Walk up to the camera sections at your stockist and you will see they quickly become just ridiculous toy like things very quickly.
    One day soon the main players will twig onto what Leica has done for
    ever and a day and build cameras that blend moderate (not too small)
    sized durable cameras, hi-res sensors, and awesome glass. Leica has had it too good for too long, and its high time the big boys stopped fu*king about. Technology should well and truly have closed that gap, but it is still going begging. By comparison Mobile phones are 300-400% bigger than they were back in the day… and they are gobbled up in the millions. I DON’T WANT TO BUY A TOY-LIKE CAMERA UNLESS ITS FOR MY KIDS.

  • Joe Gunawan

    Not until we see a mainstream/prosumer Full-frame mirrorless (not named Leica). I actually would love to see Fuji and maybe Sony lead this, since Canon and Nikon are probably going to be too afraid to cannibalize their healthy FF DSLR market. Even a pro-level Panasonic GH-X/Olympus OM-D Pro/Pentax K-Pro with FF sensor would be a welcome advancement.