Woman Photoshops Herself and Her Cell Phone Camera into Historical Photos


Hungarian photographer and retoucher Flóra Borsi created a popular series of photos last year titled “Photoshop in Real Life.” The images imagined what various Photoshop Tools might be used for if they had physical powers in our world, and were quickly shared across the web.

Now Borsi is back with a new set of images that show off her Photoshopping prowess. Titled “Time Travel,” the photos show Borsi inserted into various historical photographs of famous individuals.

Here’s what Borsi writes in the project’s description:

How would time travel affect life as we know it? Capture the most important events in history, upload to instagram, twitter, facebook? If time travel did indeed become a reality, how would it affect our world as we currently experience it? I imagined how I would to do!

The photograph above appears to be a standard photograph of Elvis Presley performing at a concert. Look a little closer, and you’ll see Borsi standing in the front row with her cell phone camera pointed at Presley:


Here are the other deftly fabricated historical photos in the series so far:

Borsi standing behind Woody Allen as he directs one of his films

Borsi standing behind Woody Allen as he directs one of his films

Borsi at a party with Andy Warhol

Borsi at a party with Andy Warhol

Borsi with Charlie Chapman

Borsi with Harold Lloyd

Borsi sneaking a shot of Marilyn Monroe from inside a bathroom

Borsi sneaking a shot of Marilyn Monroe from inside a bathroom

Borsi looking on as the Beatles arrive on US soil

Borsi looking on as the Beatles arrive on US soil

Borsi documenting the civil rights movement first hand

Borsi documenting the civil rights movement first hand

You can find all the photos in this Facebook album titled “Time Travel.”

Time Travel by Flora Borsi (via Flavorwire)

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  • Adam

    Ok, that gave me a good chuckle. And good ‘Shopping too. This is way better than 99% of the other useless “wannabe art” Photoshop projects this blog features.

  • Bob

    It’s Harold Lloyd not Charlie Chaplin

  • kurblivas

    I’m not sure if it is intentional, but actually her first name is Flóra, her last name is Borsi, so for me it’d be more kind to refer to her as Flóra.

  • Alex

    I love this series. The editing is well done and it’s a great reminder that in the future, all historical photos may have someone in the background taking photos.

  • Billy

    The camera in most of those pictures is actually a FujiFilm FinePix 6800 Zoom. Still have mine kicking around.

  • james atkinson

    Nice work and very Zelig – but “Charlie Chapman”? Some of us oldies were actually there!

  • Mary

    everyone’s a critic.

  • Istvan Magyar

    hi, using the last name in articles like this is standard practice in writing, it is not lacking kindness at all, it is in fact respectful.

  • Jay

    4th and last one are fantastic. Good work!

  • nickerbocker

    Very cute… just to let you know though the guy hanging from the clock is Buster Keaton, not
    Charlie Chaplin (and Charlie’s last name is spelled Chaplin, not Chapman) :)

  • nickerbocker

    Acctually, I correct myself… it’s Herold Lloyd. Whoever it is though, it’s not Chaplin!

  • vivanteco

    Charlie Chapman?

  • herzco

    A work of utter genius, the likes of which has never been seen before. (sarcasm)

  • Tyler Magee

    hahaha this is awesome :D

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for the correction, bob!

  • harumph

    Excellent! And for some reason, she has one of those faces that seems to fit well into the different time periods.

  • lidocaineus

    I usually don’t mind any creative Photoshop insertion jobs, but she doesn’t seem to blend in very well in the shots – either the composition is wrong (she’s too clear/sharp given her surroundings), the tones are off, or the most egregious error- her body language doesn’t blend in well with those around her.

  • ripley

    So. Boring.

  • Martin Gommel

    So good that you linked to your photographs, so we all can approve your expertise. ;)

  • gabe sturdevant

    Does she need permission to use the photos?

  • Michael Lemus

    The one of her photographing marilyn Monroe is amazing.

  • ikephoto

    Just about to point that out! True, it is a 6800Z.

  • mightygoose

    why is she not in Marilyn Monroe’s mirror?

  • Rohadani

    She is! You ca see her left shoulder reflecting in the mirror.

  • Baris Bicer

    Absolute brilliance, far better than anything I could ever do.

  • mightygoose

    so she is, looked closer than that.

  • Richard Sheehan

    She’s done a great job with these….

  • Igor Ken

    amazing and fun!

  • highasthesky

    now it’s up to someone to create the photographs she’s taking.
    maybe later in history

  • ProtoWhalePig

    You certainly are.

  • seedubbb

    Same! Just found mine during a clearout, hidden since 2003. It went back into hiding, I couldn’t bring myself to chuck it.

  • Billy

    I really have to get a new battery so I can hand it off to one of my kids. :)

  • Gary

    Ummm…it’s Charlie Chaplin, not Chapman, and….that’s Buster Keaton. :P

  • Gary

    Actually, it’s Buster Keaton.

  • Andy P
  • Andy P

    Harold Lloyd. very famous image from a film

  • Andy P

    Funny that she would pick Woody Allen for a subject, since one of his films, Zelig, was based on the same concept.

  • Scott Aguiar

    It is Harold Lloyd from the 1923 silent film ‘Safety Last’.

  • pariah_112

    imagine what the FBI must be capable of doing to images.

    I shouldn’t say nothing or else they will have me set up as well.
    I guess American institutes have severely lost their credibility at protecting the american people.

  • Rob Baldwin

    Mind sharing some of your more skillful work with the class?

  • lidocaineus

    What does my completely superior/inferior/exactly the same skill level have to do with criticism? That’s a basic logical fallacy (an ad hominem fallacy), and if we abided by this fallacy, no criticism could exist. Criticism is based on opinions backed up by examples in the work, followed by discussion over the perceived validity of the conclusions reached.

    Also any photographer worth his or her salt knows how to take criticism and refute or clarify it, leading to an increase in skill, perspective, and insight on both parties’ side. On top of that, they’d know how to separate the work criticsm from personal attacks; something you clearly aren’t aware of.

    Good job on adding noise and garbage to the discussion.

  • Bob

    Actually it’s Harold Lloyd.

  • Benjamim Silva

    hum… she is holding a “fujifilm f410″, am I right?

  • 5stars

    Love seeing talented women at work! Love the idea, love your work!

  • Pat

    My biggest fear whenever I see stuff like this, is that hundreds of years from now, this woman will be looked upon in history as some sort of mysterious, time travelling prophet. Like she was actually at all of these places, at the same age.

  • BBakeca

    beautiful collection! great work!

  • XincontriAdulti.It

    Thanks for this list

  • Sal


  • glenn kaupert

    and the image of Marilyn is flopped…