external “‘Suspicious Package’ Sparks Concern in Downtown Park” —Metro

metrothumbThis is second time in about one week that a bomb squad has been called in to destroy a pinhole camera left in a public location.

In the aftermath of what happened in Boston this past week, it’s probably not the best time right now to start your own solargraphy project.

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  • Photog

    Those posts are weird, the format.

  • tertius_decimus


  • tyrohne

    suddenly changing PP’s style to link to the story in the headline is pretty jarring. Perhaps a detailed post on the change is in order?

  • Mansgame

    watch your asses photographers. You think you had a hard time taking pictures in public before? Things just got far worse.

  • Derp

    Yes, because it’s a war against photographers, and has nothing to do with common sense public safety.