external “How Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Is Making Flickr Awesome Again”

— Eric Steuer at Wired

Under Mayer, Flickr is indeed becoming awesomer. There are the little things, like the recent integration of Flickr photos in Yahoo image search results. But most important is the December release of Flickr’s overhauled iPhone app. It’s terrific, complete with powerful and easy-to-use photo editing features, as well as a host of social and mobile sharing tools that address how people actually use the Internet in 2013 [...] With the launch of the rebooted mobile app, the site’s monthly traffic went up significantly.

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  • stateless

    I’m guessing Eric Steuer does not know how to use a camera and has not actually tried using Flickr’s new horrible layout. What a joke. I wonder how much Yahoo paid for all this false lip service, or if these media companies all have stock in Yahoo and thus are trying to pretend it doesn’t suck. 10,500 negative comments on Flickr’s announcement of these changes (as of this time) is not a small amount, and is more than the standard fare of whiners whenever a site changes its layout. Those same media companies might want to pull out their investments because no matter how many puff pieces they write it’s not going to change the user experience for anyone who actually uses Flickr.