Designer Uses Special Hidden Camera to Film a Journey Through the Mail

Industrial and interaction designer Ruben van der Vleuten always wondered what happens to a package when you sent it in the mail. From A to B is his way of answering that question; a short film shot with a home-made hidden camera that he attached to the inside of a box and then shipped.

In order to get the kind of footage he wanted, van der Vleuten built a special timer circuit to run the tiny camera. The Arduino circuit was set to film 3 seconds of video per minute when the camera was standing still, and more when it was moving so he wouldn’t miss anything interesting.


Fortunately for Vleuten, nothing went wrong, and so the final video answers all of his questions. It shows the package’s entire trip: from ‘home,’ to the post office, to the distribution center, onto a delivery truck, and to its final destination where his friends were there to receive it.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Photoguy

    Very cool!

  • A. Jansen

    He is very lucky they did not X-ray that package, because there is no way that would not have been flagged for being a possible bomb. Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

    Great video though and the packing processing factory was fascinating to see.

  • ennuipoet

    I was wondering about that as well, it may be the U.K. is less paranoid about such things.

  • Gregor_Albrecht

    Less paranoid? “U.K.” and “less paranoid” don’t go well in one sentence when it comes to “terrorism”.

  • Samuel

    In comparison to America the UK is far less freaked out about terrorism and mail x-raying especially domestic post. Also this isn’t the UK Royal Mail I dont think, the post office doesn’t look english and the staff aren’t wearing the royal mail uniform. It looked like a dutch post office and with a name like Ruben van der Vleuten I’d bet it was in the netherlands.

  • Samuel

    I wonder how much editing that had to be done to remove the day of nothingness he captured. Its a well made video he has made it seem as if the postal workers are taking care not to put it camera down or at the bottom of a truck.

  • Alessio Michelini

    Click on Rubens name, go to the site, click on contact and then you see he has a dutch number, so yes, he is dutch :-)

  • Samuel

    Now if i can just work out a way of monetising my uncanny ability to identify countries based on names :)

  • madmax

    yeah, suspicious to say the least… Nobody noticed this parcel could be a bomb Also it is in the right position to record a movie and with good lighting.

  • Niels Bo Nielsen

    It’s from Denmark. I worked for the postal service 10 years ago. Generally we at not that worried about terrorism in Denmark. I remember once we found a package that was vibrating. The older postal worker was grinning as he said: ” is got a be a dildo what else can it be.” Don’t know what company would send it with the batteries in. But it’s nice to know the are included.,

  • Samuel

    I have a suspicion that the final video we see above may be made from more than one package. Or the same package but at least re-posted a few times. Also for a camera looking through a 2mm hole it handles difficult lighting remarkably well. Not to mention the fact it the camera didn’t shift the entire time and it appears to be held in place with masking tape… I think there is more behind this video than it seems

  • Steffen Graumann

    After seeing the movie I’m absolutely sure it’s filmed in Denmark and most likely in Copenhagen (our capital). Ruben is a Danish name but his surname is not.

    And yes, we are not that paranoid (yet … our politicians is doing everything they can to change this).