Introducing the Travelwide: An Affordable, Ultraportable Large-Format Camera


Many photographers want to give large format a shot, but carrying a massive 4×5 camera around with you isn’t always practical or realistic. Fortunately for those people, the folks of Wanderlust Cameras have hit Kickstarter with a new invention: the Travelwide 4×5. It’s an affordable, ultralight large-format camera that you can take with you anywhere.

Here’s the Kickstarter video introducing the Travelwide:

The camera was put together by Justin Lundquist and Ben Syverson (AKA Wanderlust Cameras) for those of us that want the benefits of 4×5 on the go. It comes in two varieties: a focusable version built around the Schneider Angulon 90mm ƒ/6.8, and a wider fixed focus version built around the Schneider Super Angulon 65mm ƒ/8.


Both Travelwide versions will cost you only $100, but will require you to purchase your lens separately. With the lens attached, the camera is lighter than a DSLR (only 630g), and about the same size. It can easily be held in one hand, and comes complete with several cold shoes for attaching any accessories you see fit.

Here’s a demo of co-creator Ben Syverson using the Travelwide 90:

Want to see what the camera’s capable of? Check out these some sample photographs:







In order to bring the Travelwide 4×5 into the real world, Wanderlust Cameras has set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise $75K. That’ll cover the costs of the molds and manufacturing required to bring the camera to market. Donation options range from $25 to $10K, with $100 snagging you your choice of either the fixed focus Travelwide 65 or focusable Travelwide 90.

Travelwide 4×5 camera [Kickstarter]

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  • DamianM

    Well I carry my 4×5 all the time (just did today)
    But this is probably great 100 dollars!
    Plus another hundred or two for the lens.
    It ain’t a bad deal really.
    A Large format point and shoot!

  • Duke Shin


    Oh yeah, I’ll just run over to the grocery store for a pack.

  • Samuel

    They’re easier to buy than a 4×5 camera so shush.

  • Samuel

    Well, i want one of those.

  • DamianM

    there’s freestyle and Sammy online
    So yeah you can go to the “grocery store” for a pack

  • Jake

    But half the fun of using 4×5 is having those big retro-looking boxes and looking like a hard-core camera-master in public!

  • DamianM

    deep inside we know hes right

  • wickerprints

    No bellows = no movements. Seems to defeat one of the main reasons to use large format.

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • DamianM

    Same thing I thought.
    I’m thinking this would work more as a travel camera ( Airport hassles)
    Only use it for casual subjects
    Bring out the big boy for when we do need the movements.

  • Pablo

    The cheapest large format lens at BHPhoto is 380. The cheapest Schneider is 950. The 90mm lens mentioned in the kickstarter campaign is 1,612 and the other isn’t available. Ebay’s assortment of Schneider lenses isn’t much different, starting at 500.

  • DamianM

    Ive bought 150 mm for 150

    a 65 mm for 100

    and a 90mm for another 150

    Your not looking hard enough.

  • DamianM

    I guess its cheaper if you already are a Large format photographer.

  • John

    you go w/ 4×5 for the tilt-shift capabilities in the first place but I’d still give this a go just to get that nice big negative :)

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    That’s what my D800 is for!

  • Björn Luminaire

    The inventors are the genuine spirit of Photography, I’m looking forward to creating with one.

  • kaxdd

    I wonder if it takes the FP film…

  • tiredofit123

    I have a 3X4 large format camera I got for about $10. I call it a Polaroid pack film 100.

  • Steve

    The film and color processing costs too much for me. Not much point in having a cheap camera if you can’t afford to use it much. If only there was a $100 digital version.

  • 432423

    better make it digital for 100$ :)

  • Paul Eliasberg

    I love the enthusiasm of the inventors, but, apart from the hipster factor, what’s the proper use for this camera? No bellows, no tilting, no ground glass. All needed to make the most of that super resolution of large format. And if I’m honest, I’m not too thrilled by the examples either. Handheld, lightweight, point and shoot. Get a cheap Agfa Isolette if you really want to shoot a larger format than 35mm. Also easier to develop.

  • Jonathan Pearson

    guess focus… 5×4 what a waste of time money and think about all the shots you won’t get…..

  • aa

    what lenses?

  • Thomas Casey

    The price of 4×5 film and processing makes this a rich mans format, rich men buy Gandolfis or Linhof Technikas with Super Angulon or Zeiss lenses.

  • Thomas Casey

    The film will cost you though.

  • Saishi Xu

    What’s the point of 4×5 with out the movements? :|

  • Mark Sperry

    Massive lack of knowledge and imagination in these comments. Jesus christ people, not every photograph has to be made with a DSLR. This camera is going to be great. The design has been around for years, but they’re the first people to make it affordable. Large format is about many things, not just the ‘miniuature effect.’ Ultimate detail and tonal range comes to mind. D800 can’t touch the dynamic range and detail possible in a sheet of Portra 160 or FP4. The film and lenses are readily available if you’re not a complete twat and know how to look for them.

  • joshmolina2

    no, you just dont take a million pictures of the same thing.

  • MB100

    Thats what Fotoman / Ebay cameras are for, and people say those are crappy and they scan still run in the $1000’s! How much quality and accuracy to you expect from a 3D printed helical for $100? I guess being designed for an f/8 lens helps but still…..My biggest question is why do they need $75,000 to make it (are they buying a 3D printer???), unless they need to order that many to get the price to $100 which is just ridiculous. I’m all for 3D printed film cameras, theres a lot of potential there, but this doesn’t seem to be meeting all the possibilities for 3D Printing and CNC machining for inexpensive 4×5 cameras.

  • joshmolina2

    I’ve seen a 90mm schneider, and and a 150mm schneider go for a little under 200 each. I look pretty regularly though… like daily.

  • Carlini Fotograf

    Better yet go on eBay and buy a Pentacon 6 (Med Format 6×6 – 120film) with a Zeiss Jena Biometar 80mm 2.8 lens for about $200… Like I did.. you wont be sorry..

  • Carlini Fotograf

    I’m not rich.. but I am a working photographer and I collect Carl Zeiss Jena lenses mainly from 1960s (best ones made in East Germany at the original Jena Factory), I use them on my Pentacon 6 med format cameras and on my Digital Canons. I prefer all manual lenses. I just picked up a mint Zeiss Flektogon 50mm f/4 for under $200 last week on eBay. One of the best Zeiss Jena lenses to own.

  • DamianM

    you can buy a calumet camera for 150
    not rich really

  • DamianM

    Makes them sound Lazy too

  • DamianM

    Quantity /= Quality

  • DamianM

    It doesn’t compare.period.

  • Carlini Fotograf

    I seen 3 Schneider lenses along with 3 other lenses ( 3 mounted on Lens Boards) go in one lot for $71 the other day on eBay. Granted they all probably needed a good cleaning by a professional. But still.. $71!!

  • DamianM

    Big Chunky Negatives :)

  • DamianM

    Its exactly that a point and shoot 4×5
    use your imagination

  • Alexander

    I have an old Graflex Crown Graphic with a lens, how does changing lenses work with large format cameras? I would need another lens board, right?

  • kyoshinikon

    Id get one but me speed graphlex still would be my pick

  • Evan Skuthorpe

    No one said anything about comparing periods. jeez…

  • Bill Keel

    What is that stuff he slides in and out of the back of the camera?

  • DamianM

    A film holder.

  • DamianM

    and I pay for it. Yes.

  • andrewbclark

    I don’t see a shutter speed setting on it. I would assume, metering (handheld for those that relay on digi to do everything) would suffice, but can you manage speeds? They say/demonstrate nothing that says you can.

    If so, this would be SPECTACULAR for long exposure low-light shots that digi just cant handle without noise. LOVE IT!

  • Kent Nishimura

    I want to stick an aero ektar on it…

  • Matt

    I thought this was done before… My issue is that with a 4×5 film you need a real high f stop, which means a long exposure. Most of the images I’d want to take would mean a tripod. Then, why this and not my 4×5 field camera? It folds really small. Then how to get all that info into a digital file, I won’t pay for a scan on an epson flatbed…

  • YoJimbo

    The finished product will be injection molded, and molds are expensive. They’re also sourcing the molds in the USA which is more costly than Asian made tooling. The main mold is fairly big and molds can run $10K – 30K and up, so that’s where all the funds would go.

  • YoJimbo

    I should add though, with a run of only a few 1000 or so cameras, they could possibly use aluminum instead of steel tooling, which could save quite a bit on tooling costs… I hope it works out… it’s not bad for a hundred bucks. Compare to Ilford’s pinhole 4×5 which has no focusing helical and costs $250 in a kit with 30 sheets of paper and film.