Rhino Battery Holster Lets You Keep Your Camera’s Power at Your Fingertips


Holsters are becoming pretty popular for keeping camera gear on your hip and at the ready, and now Washington-based gear company Rhino Camera Gear wants to bring the concept to batteries. It has unveiled a new product that’s designed to cut a few seconds out of the time it takes you to switch out empty batteries for fresh ones.

The accessory is called the Rhino Battery Holster, and moves your juiced batteries from inside your camera bag to your side.


Each hard shell holster holds two LP-E6 batteries (yup, it’s designed for Canon shooters for now) and has a belt clip that allows it to be attached to pants, belts, backpacks, and straps.

The back of the holster also features a brass insert that lets you attach a carabiner, which makes the holster attach-able to pretty much anything.


In terms of securely holding the batteries you stuff in them, each holster has an adjustable tensioner that lets you lock down the batteries as tightly or as loosely as you’d like.

Rhino Camera Gear is currently taking preorders for the Battery Holster over on Kickstarter. You’ll be able to snag a single holster if you contribute $25, or two of them for $40.

  • Zigmars Zilgalvis

    Wow. Great, how about just keeping then in your bag or pocket.

  • Collins

    hahaha >__<

  • Michael Zhang

    What if you’re a rock climbing photographer? :) Just because you can’t find a suitable need for something doesn’t mean it’s true for all photographers.

  • Christian DeBaun

    Since I’m carrying the weight anyways, a grip seems to be the way to go (shrug).

  • Heath

    I’d be interested in seeing how these hold up in winter temps…

  • geroge

    Do you really eat up batteries so quickly that you need to look like a dork?

  • Bart Aldrich

    ‘how about just keeping then in your bag or pocket.’ REALLY!

    What won’t people spend money on?

  • Jake

    Oh please. There are a million things many pro photographers do regularly that make them look like dorks.

  • Mikhail Davydov

    Wellcome to the “Lens Cap Holder” and “Lens Holster Belt” family!

  • Tim

    I love when niche products get criticized by people outside the niche market who don’t realize that they’re just not getting it.

  • Rob S

    Talk about a solution looking for a problem.

  • Tim

    I wonder what the target market is for this. I can’t imagine anyone out there is blowing through batteries at a rate so fast they need to have them in a holster.

    edit: though I suppose they are a videography company, so maybe there’s something on that end.

  • Rob S

    or rain

  • wickerprints

    Unlike a lens, a battery is not a device that I think needs to be so readily accessible. It’s not like all of a sudden, the battery dies and you have only seconds to switch out. There’s a battery meter, and you can always plan to switch during an idle moment before it dies. On the other hand, we often find it necessary to have lenses at the ready because we need to switch based on unpredictable and rapidly changing shooting conditions–to the point that many photographers will shoot with multiple bodies.

    Another problem with this design is that a lithium ion battery is not something I want to carry around in an exposed fashion. The contacts or casing might get dirty or damaged, then inserting it into the camera body might damage the body. Battery switching should always be done with care. And it’s not like it needs to happen so frequently that you need multiple packs on your shoulder strap. You can get thousands of shots on a single battery.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    At a certain point, you’re just buying goofy accessories to let everyone know you’re a “serious photographer”

  • Rock Climber

    Rock Climbing Photographer here. It would be unacceptable to have crap like that around your shoulder or waist. This is most definitely not a product for rock climbing photography.

    I’m having a heard time imagining a circumstance that would require something like this. especially given how long batteries last.

  • Zigmars Zilgalvis

    Are you spying on me mate? I will close my drapes tonight:)

  • Kyle Hart

    Hey guys, Kyle here from Rhino. It’s good to get feedback from the photography side of things. The holster is definitely aimed at videographers that burn through multiple batteries in a shoot.

  • Toby

    I really hope no one buys this and just uses their pockets.

  • Tim

    Uh, what?

  • Pod

    On the belt it looks moderately threatening. Might want to color it red just to be safe. Some irresponsible citizen could overreact.

  • Igor Ken

    I will buy one for AA batteries if they make it shaped like Rambo’s bullet belt that he wears across his chest.

    Just think how cool will it look?

  • Nathan Blaney

    Could someone please start making photo gear that doesn’t look like military surplus?!

  • Rob S

    Good luck. Video seems like a much better market for these. When I read this I tried to think of a time when I burned though multiple batteries in a shoot and I couldn’t. AAs for strobes yes, LIs for the camera, no.
    I ill say that for me anything to do with power I want water proofed. My spares travel in a Pelican case. Figure out how to make that to hold 8-12 AAs completely waterproofed and Ill buy two :)

  • Sascha Rheker

    It’s useless but of course it will never beat other even more useless must haves for people who are serious about photography… :o)

  • mike

    hmm no thanks Ill just keep one in my pocket and a few in the bag.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    You might also want to consider making variants for EVF cameras.

  • thingwarbler

    Well, that’s nice, dear. Did you miss the part about videographers perhaps having a need for this thing? Or were you too busy getting your hate on to notice?

  • Tommy Sar

    Guilty as charged.

  • Norshan Nusi

    Won’t be good for any war photographer, everyone will think you’re hostile.

  • TheFlunn

    Buy a North Face. They have tons of zippered pockets. I hold batteries, lens caps, memory cards, and if you really need to a small lens could fit.

  • Steve Call

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  • Alexander Petricca

    Another glorious method of making yourself look like a tit!

  • Alexander Petricca

    & on a more serious note, batteries don’t work as efficiently when cold- you should store them somewhere warm such as in a bag or ideally in a pocket close to your body. Exposing them to the air like this might be convenient, but will reduce capacity in cold conditions.

  • Carsten Schlipf

    Only use case I can think about: Make TSA agents freak out.

  • Frank

    No videographer would need super fast battery changing. They would either grips for dual battery power or they’d use an external power supply. Even then they’d have to be live streaming something to need fast battery access.

  • A_Lwin

    and dust

  • frank

    finally, all your problems are solved with this nifty little device.

  • JJ

    This would actually be useful with REDVOLTS. Mine last 25 min on a good day.

  • Toby

    Yes I did, petal. I would persuade them to save their money up for something a lot more worthwhile like a lanparte portable battery etc.

  • spike

    that other invention is just as good, its called a “pocket”

  • reddyroc

    My camera normally gets amazing battery life but since I now live in the arctic where the dry winters can reach -30 and below, battery life can get sucked away in no time. I would consider this though I’m likely better off stuffing batteries in my inner most layer with hand warmers. Then again I love spending money on my hobbies!

  • Kjartan Clausen

    Like a shotgun shell? I doubt that will work…