Rare Parrot Gets a Little Too Friendly with Wildlife Photographer

This post could also be titled “How Not to Photograph Endangered Male Animals.” The video above was uploaded to the Web by the BBC back in 2009 and shows photographer and zoologist Mark Carwardine finding and photographing a rare parrot in a New Zealand forest. Unfortunately for Carwardine — and hilariously for the rest of us — he gets closer to the bird than he was planning to.


The bird in the clip is a Kakapo, which is also known as an owl parrot. It’s a fat, flightless bird that’s on the brink of extinction — it was estimated that there were only 126 living Kakapos back in February 2012.

Given how few of the parrots there are in existence, finding a suitable mate isn’t the easiest task for male Kakapos (there are only tens of females scattered across the forests of the sizable island). In the case of Carwardine’s Kakapo above, the bird mistakes the photographer’s head for a fellow Kapapo. Hilarity ensues.

Quote of the day: “Look, he’s so happy!” says Stephen Fry.

  • michaelp42

    Makes me laugh!

  • Tommy Sar

    Damn paparazzi.

  • A_Lwin

    Getting a little too friendly with wildlife…

  • P. Dog

    Shagging? Looked like a proper “ear-boxing” to me.

  • The all mighty one

    Huh so I guess its true some photographers “get some” on the job

  • Jesse

    wait people say that? photographers get some on the job? who says that?

  • Chris Malmberg

    This is amazing.

  • Mike

    “Sure, I’ll sign your model release if you just hold still for a second…”

  • Ed Steinerts

    Being a photographer, you’d think he would used to that sort of treatment. He must have really good clients.

  • Christian DeBaun

    No fear of humans, and so few left :-(

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Ken

    The parrot didn’t even buy him a proper drink first.

  • Mark Houston

    Funny….very Funny….

  • Mark Houston

    is that Stephen Fry?

  • ripley

    This is a really well-known incident in New Zealand. In fact, some researchers thought that they could take advantage of the fact this particular parrot likes to hump heads, so they built a helmet that could be worn by the human victim(?), and it would collect the parrot’s sperm, however, it never worked. The helmet is now on display at the Te Papa museum in Wellington.

  • Rafael Lopez

    Done taking my picture Mr Photographer? Now my turn, Pow Pow Pow in the ear!

  • Steve Call

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  • Ruben Vasquez

    Never thought I’d see the day when someone gets violated by Tucan Sam…