Shoot Slow Motion Action Footage Using a GoPro on a DIY Circular Rig


One of the interesting ideas involving slow motion cameras (i.e. high speed cameras) is to move the camera very quickly during shots, resulting in footage that looks like the camera is moving in real time while everything in the shot moves in slow motion. Last year we shared an incredible demo reel by German studio The Marmalade, which uses this technique.

Caleb Kraft over at Hack A Day was inspired by this concept and by the bullet-time rigs that have gotten quite a bit of press lately, and decided to try his hand at moving slow-mo footage using a single GoPro.

Kraft calls the experiment “bullet time with a single GoPro,” but it’s probably better described as “moving slow motion with a single GoPro”.

He used a GoPro HERO3 Black Edition, which can shoot 120 frames per second at 720p. After attached an arm to a “lazy susan,” Kraft mounted the camera to the end of the arm and then spun the camera around while doing something “action packed” in the space where the camera is pointed (shown in the screenshot above).

Here’s a video in which Kraft explains the concept and what he did:

…and here’s a short demo reel showing some of the shots Kraft was able to capture using the rig:

It may not be too similar to bullet time, but it’s still an interesting example of what you can do on a very, very small budget.

Bullet time with a single GoPro [Hack A Day]

Image credits: Videos by Caleb Kraft/Hack A Day

  • Adam

    GoPro are the only company in the world who manage to make Sony look good.

  • Rob

    Careful now, did you have permission to say GoPro?

  • Zos Xavius

    I’m amazed that one of the larger camera companies haven’t tried to throw their weight into a rugged action camera. I guess sony did a competing product, but that’s about it. I have to admit, I’m not a real big fan of the image quality of the go pro. For what they cost you can’t expect miracles, but they have a decidedly plastic lens cell phone video look with lots of wobbly shake reduction.

  • Nathan Caulford

    “It’s not what would come out of a studio, but then again, I’m just a guy in my kitchen.” I don’t know anyone who sets out to get “guy in kitchen results” so, this is USELESS.

  • Messenger

    It’s the concept of the rig. You could easily build this on a larger scale or under a platform and motorize it. This is a genius idea why hate?

  • JackF

    I am temped to buy a BeastVision instead – cheaper and good specs – any toughts?

  • PhaetonPhoto

    wait, he wears glasses in every single video EXCEPT the one where he shatters a pane of glass…?

  • Tin Lok Lee

    Go what ?? Man it is copyrighted you cant say that .