Cute Baby Photographs Recreated by a Not-As-Cute Fully-Grown Man


Have a cute baby photograph from shortly after you first entered this world? New York City resident Molly Thomas wants to rephotograph it. Thomas has been running a humorous photo blog titled “My Precious Roommate.” Each entry features a photo of a baby submitted by readers and a photo by Thomas that recreates the submitted image with the baby replaced by Thomas’ roommate — a fully grown man.













Head on over to My Precious Roommate if you’d like to see more of these photos, or to follow along as new ones are created.

The project is like a less-serious version of photographer Lee Goldup’s work that we featured last year. Goldup shot a series of Anne Geddes’ style infant photos with adults as the subjects.

My Precious Roommate (via Beautiful/Decay)

Image credits: Photographs by Molly Thomas and used with permission

  • kirsty

    Seriously PetaPixel …… why on earth are you featuring these?

  • Andy Austin

    There is nothing photographically good about these pictures, so they have no place on a photography website. This belongs more on reddit or buzzfeed.

  • Redstart

    Just when you thought there was nothing worse than normal baby photography…

  • Chris Popely

    I hate to be negative, really I do, but I totally agree…

  • MrQuibble

    Disturbing. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should.

  • kirsty

    Completely agree with you, fine for other websites, but some of the stuff on here recently is just dire, Im really losing interest.

  • Roberto Inetti

    Humorous? Give me a #%&*%@^ break!

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lol the second photo

  • Brixton

    I think this is creepy and weird. They simply look like photos any amateur with a point and shoot can take while they creepily live out their “I want to be a baby” fetish.

  • Alexis G. Castro

    It’s simple, originality.

  • Igor Ken


  • Tito Herrera

    Dear PETAPIXELS… It’s not about having a lot of content, it’s about having GOOD content. This was not it.

  • Jenine Giommi

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  • Sterling

    I think I saw these guys on Jerry Springer back in the day…

  • Taylor Ashley

    horrible , that’s all that needs to be said.

  • Brixton

    Or on those “strange addiction” TLC specials…

  • C.K. Lee

    Come’n… y’all taking photography a bit too seriously. If it isn’t fun why bother? Good on him.

  • Pedro

    Totally agree.