A Mind-Bending Reversed Stroll Through Downtown Jerusalem, Shot In One Take

Messe Kopp sent us this awesome and mind-bending video he shot on the streets of Downtown Jerusalem. It it’s a backward-is-forward video that shows a man getting up from bed and taking a stroll down a city street, interacting with various people and objects along the way. The entire 2.5-minute video was shot in a single take.

Coming up with the concept took Kopp “countless hours,” but the actual shoot only took 2-3 hours — the final version was shot on the second real take after a number of dry runs.


If you’re wondering what the video looked like straight out of the camera, here’s an unofficial behind-the-scenes version (basically, someone took the video, reversed it, and reuploaded it to YouTube):

You can find some other backward-is-forward videos we’ve shared in the past here.

  • Roman

    Awesome project but I was expecting something interesting at the end.

  • Anthony Harden

    Can’t the joy be in the journey? Very well done video.

  • Roman

    Well, the technique is interesting indeed, but in the movie the story is more important than the technique. Just my opinion.

  • Charles Gedeon

    This was done in Coldplay’s video for the song The Scientist. Only that’s more impressive cause he had to memorize the song backwards!

  • Patric Franksson


  • nickolas

    “Drop” by the Pharcyde, directed by Spike Jonze.

  • wickerprints

    The same technique was also used for Jack Johnson’s video “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.”

  • michaelp42

    by the end you mean the beginning right? ;-)

  • michaelp42

    Brilliantly done!

  • Lars

    Also the swedish bookstore scene from the 1984 comedy film Top Secret was shot like this.

  • Don

    This is mind blowing????? Are you serious?

  • Philip Han

    The music is by Fred V & Grafix, which is an awesome surprise since I’m going Toronto this week to go see them at Hospitality 2013!

    This technique has been done many times over. Coldplay’s video of The Scientist is hands down the best one though.

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  • Christian DeBaun

    Well. Choreographing all of the props and people must have taken a LOT of time, and I applaud the effort.

  • Alan Dove

    See also Norwood Cheek’s Super-8 films, such as “Satisfaction Guaranteed” and “Cold?” What’s especially cool about these films is that they were shot on a single cartridge of Super-8, with no edits or reverse-it-in-the-computer tricks. Instead, he took advantage of a peculiar characteristic of the film’s format to reverse it at the projection stage.

  • muddyclouds

    And also by a swedish band called Bob Hund..

  • Maverice

    lol, I thought he was being facetious… guess not. ;P