Documentary Explores the Explosion of ‘Street Style’ Fashion Photography

The rise of a plethora of fashion blogs has led, almost inevitably, to the rise of a style of fashion photography known as “street style.” The all-access blogging medium gave photography enthusiasts who admired what legends like Bill Cunningham do a way to break into the industry and share both their opinions and pictures.

Over the past several years, however, the practice has exploded — much to the chagrin of big fashion editors and journalists who now have to deal with massive crowds of photogs outside of major fashion shows. GARAGE Magazine’s Take My Picture is a short documentary that explores this explosion, and tries to offer both sides of the story.

As they explain in the documentary’s description, a short that was originally meant to simply observe “the phenomenon of fashion bloggers and street style stars,” turned into much more:

As we started to review the footage, two salient trends became apparent: fashion editors frustrated by the ensuing commotion outside of shows, and the rise of “peacocking” street style stars as a result of the proliferation of blogs. This film examines these themes from both perspectives.

The documentary gets takes from everybody involved: photographers, fashion journalists, editors, bloggers, “street style stars” and designers all chyme in and offer their two cents on this paparazzi-like craze.

(via Cloudal)

  • Chris Wise

    It’s disturbing when I don’t see anyone in the comment section. That’s my comment. Liked the video.

  • debbygoel81no

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  • randomdude

    The documentary of Bill Cunningham is pretty freaking amazing. The photographers / bloggers who partake in this are abhored in comparison.

  • Vlad Dusil

    You have to draw the distinction between two kinds of shooters.

    Those who linger around popular fashion shows twice a year and behave like obnoxious paparazzi to take pictures of those who, equally, prepare for that time to get their exposure and fix of 15 minute pseudo stardom. Don’t believe for a second that there isn’t careful, meticulous preparation that goes into outfits that popular style bloggers put together for the bi-annual FW cycle. Fashion brands are smart to realize that they can get plenty of (cheap) exposure for their products if they pay the cool kids to wear their clothes and have them paraded in front of the popular shows like Ralph Lauren, Proenza, MJ, Marchesa, etc.

    And then there are those who actually deeply care about fashion year around, travel to create beautiful, candid street portraiture and capture the true essence of street style without all the contrived bull***t that comes with the fashion week circus. This genuine type is few and far between. So are the pictures of true, natural style.

    Bill Cunningham is the original street style shooter. Don’t make the mistake to ever bunch him in with anyone else, he is truely a unique icon. If you haven’t seen his documentary, I recommend you do so.

  • Frank McKenna

    What struck me when I watched this video was that they seemed more like Paparazzi then anything else. It seems to have gotten a little out of control

  • Bob



    Its so fun to watch

  • jess

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