Menswear Dog Features Photos of Men’s Fashion, Modeled by a Shiba Inu


Clothing and cute pets are two subjects that have big followings online. Combine them, and you’ve got yourself something viral. Dave Fung and Yena Kim of New York City have brewed up a fun photo project that’s quickly gaining a lot of attention. It’s called Menswear Dog, and is what you might get if you combined The Sartorialist with a dog blog.

Each entry on the Tumblr page features a three-year-old Shiba Inu decked out in stylish outfits for men. Portraits of the dapper dog are always accompanied by photos of (and links) to the individual clothing items worn in the shot.













In addition to following along on the Tumblr site, you can stay up to date with Menswear Dog’s latest ensembles through Twitter and Instagram.

Menswear Dog (via Flavorwire)

Image credits: Photographs by Dave Fung/Yena Kim/Menswear Dog and used with permission

  • Jeremy Madore

    So the dude has an ever-too-patient pup that he is infatuated with dressing in men’s clothing. The lighting is poor, the fashion is outdated….

  • Henri

    typical petapixel comment.

  • DamianM

    its also a typical PetaPixel post

    They will probably be less comments like those if there was least posts like these.

  • Jared Monkman

    agreed. What’s wrong with just liking something that is nice?

  • amandalbs

    he looks like a jerk.

  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    Agreed. Nice concept, nice dog. cell phone photos and poor lighting/white balance kill it.

  • Henri

    Nobody is forcing you to follow petapixel if you find the posts typical.

  • eraserhead12

    then stop reading?

  • eraserhead12

    that dog has the perfect expression for every photo

  • dudung10

    You have a cheesy ass name for a company and you can’t HDR right. your composition is outdated.

  • Sandy Figaro Johnston

    My Pinta’s new hearthrob!

  • Jeremy Madore

    Yup. That’s what happens when you just start out. Still not sure what that has to do with the conversation at hand?

  • Jeremy Madore

    Typical snarky response to perfectly valid critique. Boy, people just can’t accept that everyone has an opinion, can they?

  • FetchlightPhoto

    Awesome, more coverage for Menswear Dog! He is this season’s Choupette ;)

  • DamianM

    Nope, they don’t.
    If you say anything “bad” they hate you for it. Even if its what you really think.
    We live in a society where we reward mediocrity.

  • Becca Gulliver

    I thought these were for a brand (jeez, shouldn’t comment before the coffee kicks in). lol.

    What a patient dog.

  • dudung10

    shut your pie hole when you yourself produce lame ass pieces of work :)

  • Ralph Hightower

    What we need now are Shiba Inus around a table playing poker.

  • SalihAkgoz

    Very funny and everything but it doesn’t even show the clothing. It’s about the dog that can wear clothes.

  • Spurbe

    The idea is great but the clothes are not nice, this designer needs to work hard to offer something outstanding to consumers.

  • mensusa

    I really Love this,seems funny,but clothes are good.