Bizzarre Series of Portraits Shows Adults ‘Shopped to Look Like Toddlers


Photoshop wizard Cristian Girotto‘s photo series L’Enfant Extérieur (the outer child) takes his subjects’ inner children and brings them, quite literally, to the surface. In the series, Girotto explores what adults would look like if men and women never left the cuteness of infancy — at least in some respects. Each photo, originally captured by photographer Quentin Curtat, shows the subject ‘shopped to look like a toddler.

The resulting images are cute with a big dash of creepy:


















L’Enfant Extérieur can be taken several ways: from a fun experiment in Photoshop to an exploration of the “nature of purity and the unavoidability of corruption.” But whatever your deeper meaning, at its core, the series helps us envision a different kind of world. As Michele Panella writes in the description on Girotto’s website:

L’ Enfant Extérieur … show[s] us a world of men in the shape of children, as if the body could slip on the ugliness of life, less expected to imagine big fawn’s eyes winking in the night clubs or little chubby hands shaking in the offices.

You can find more of Girotto’s work over on his website.

L’Enfant Extérieur by Cristian Girotto (via Mashable)

Photo credits: Images by Cristian Girotto

  • Nate Parker

    These are some of the freakiest portraits I’ve ever seen! Freaky!

  • jon

    Casting call for Gollum

  • Victor

    This is not photography, it’s anti-photography.

  • harumph

    No, thank you.

  • Neiadin

    Bad taste.Reminds me of Monster’s & co.This is stuff that you can ascribe to Pixar,not to a photographer.

  • tobi2443

    first: freaky
    second: hidden smiling

  • JJ Black

    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

  • Melo

    They don’t suck at photoshop. Cool concept. I find it funny that people get upset about the odd visuals as opposed to appreciating it as a concept brought to life with impeccable execution. This is not attempting to be pure photography. It is no worse than watching Avatar. They called that cinematography.

  • mrbeard

    technically perfect, just feels like the results of an app, that kids, middle aged women and me stick on their facebook.

  • Matt Katzenberger

    Hate to break it to some of the commenters, but photography isn’t just snapping a picture and taking what comes out without any intervention, and *good* photography never has been. Whether in the dark room or on the digital tablet photography as an art is just as much about how you do or don’t modify a photo as it is about what it looked like before passing through the lens.

  • elmakias

    This is awesome, so many close minded photographers.

  • Ivor Wilson

    I have to admit to at first being freaked-out, but by the end of it, thinking just how well executed this is, and that the “people” in it are cute on a par with “The Incredibles”. If it had been done in a half-arsed fashion, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as appealing.

  • cchdisqus

    Exactly. This is meant to focus more on the craft of retouching, not photography. Girotto makes a living primarily as a retoucher for other photographers, after all. Makes sense.

  • 3ric15

    Depends on how you define photography.

  • Christian DeBaun

    I ♥ this series! Well done!

  • 3ric15

    Is the 5 picture from the bottom supposed to look like James Holmes? lol

  • Samcornwell

    Loretta Lux’s portraits of children (2004) are strikingly similar to this.

  • Bimma

    I love these.

  • Laura

    enlighten me in how it is anti photography.

  • Matthew Neumann

    Red shirt is awesome!

  • Jim Angell

    I was a little dubious at first but this has really grown on me the more I look. Except for the fifth one. I’ll be checking under the bed and in the closet before going to bed just in case she decides to kill me in my sleep.

  • Edward Durbin

    Abso-frickin’-lutely spectacular!!! Love it, love it, love it!!!

  • milli milli

    Rowan Atkinson is a toddler! i knew it.

  • eerockk

    Very creative work, and yes, the dash of creepy is certainly present there!

  • Richard

    Brilliant work.

  • Zigmars Zilgalvis

    what a waste of tme.

  • Richard

    It’s Monsters Inc. (brilliant film).

    Maybe you should enlighten us with your definition of what a “photographer” is.

  • Felipe Paredes Schulz

    nice work. there’s so many bitches in this blog.

  • DamianM

    but this isnt photography.

  • elmakias


  • DamianM

    I mean it was photography in the beginning……now its just a digital gimmickry.
    Good job at using a computer we are glad you can use it.

  • DamianM

    Actually it is Photographing a moment worth photographing, not photographing then passing it through Photoshop, add Godzilla and then becomes art.

    This S**t wouldn’t have passed ten years ago, but the view of the world has been skewed so much that this is now being accepted as legitimate work.

  • Matt Katzenberger

    That’s the same kind of nonsense people used to say about photography vs. painting. Photography isn’t “real art”, doesn’t require skill, etc. Utter nonsense, and so is this “photoshop is ruining photography” BS.

  • Matt Katzenberger

    “Good job at using a camera, we’re glad you can use it.” –painters

  • Vin Weathermon

    Excellent!!! And retarded people who keep talking about “photo purity” should just stop. Nobody is claiming anything untrue. Just stop. You sound like an idiot. This is art, it is creative, and that is what art is supposed to be. Appreciate it for what it is, or move on.

  • Vin Weathermon

    These pieces resemble parody art in Mad Magazine; it passed 30 years ago, and it passes today for what it is: art. How it was created happens to involve photography…which is cool as hell. I suppose if you are completely incompetent at photoshop you might feel a bit put out…but I can appreciate what talent made these images excellent. So should you.

  • DamianM

    No need in arguing when its a lost cause.

    I’m glad this isn’t taken seriously outside petapixel and reputable photography critics

  • R E Casper

    Exceptional work! Loving the talents behind the photographer/photoshopper.

    Though, reading the comments definitely leaves me saying to myself… “like elbows and assholes, we all have an opinion” haha… Thats a good thing, but its very interesting seeing the negativity from some of the “purists” out there…

    I have to say… If this is so bad, because of post processing… Then where is the line drawn? If any retouching is bad and considered, “not photography”… then is the dig-camera not reprocessing as you shoot? Is “developing” film not reprocessing after shooting? Of course, I understand some can argue apples and oranges here because of the extent of editing in these images… but so what, this isn’t journalism. Overt purists are critiquing themselves so much these days, that they’re gonna end up negating their own camera and assume visual perception as the only form of photography.

    Yes, in certain situations one must absolutely ask, “where is the line drawn?”… and then there are times when we should all get off the high horse, browse the images and just enjoy what this artist has to share. :-)

    This is one of those times where we should be doing the latter.

    Well done, Cristian. Keep this outstanding series going.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    so many people have so much anger towards people who use photoshop, jeez, i’d hate to be your friend in real life; you’d probably ruin everything fun.

  • Yossi Sudri

    Great job, love it……..

  • Steffen Graumann

    Hmm … half the ‘boys’ has a beard but none of the ‘girls’ have breasts

  • Adi Ulici

    Amazing work!

  • Sander van der Veen

    and Paul Ripke’s series also..

  • Charlie

    would make a good iphone app.

  • Richard

    …and, about “taste.” Don’t you think taste is in the eye of the beholder? The way you’re using “bad taste” seems to imply that there is a universally accepted canon of good taste.

  • Kraso Mez

    Caricature drawing meets photography. Fun. Would love to see these with real backgrounds instead of plain backdrops.

  • Rick

    Wow, yeah, this is more than just Manbabies stuff.

  • Neoracer Xox

    I’d love to see some of these assholes work, probably pictures of tree’s, bench’s & grass. PURE…eh?;))

  • MangKanor

    the last photo is staring at my soul.

  • Samuel

    Oh crap someone call ACLU so we can litigate over trivial matters of perspective of front facing photos of women who may or may not have originally had slightly bumps in their shirts so we can finally end this DEVASTATING tidal wave of sexism threatening humanity as a whole.

    Maybe they were naturally flat chested, maybe not. It speaks volumes about where your eyes go on any photo of a woman. Hmm indeed.

    The first paragraph of this is ironic, there needs to be a W3C approved stylisation of text for sarcasmo. Maybe backwards italics